January’s Orange Crush….

During the white and gray winter days of January, a pop of bright color adds a needed fresh burst to our lives. In the absence of the holiday-dressed home, this color is the antidote needed. Although the color orange is commonly thought of as a Summer color, it is such a beautiful injection into our lives during the winter. Orange and coral shades are warm, bright and fresh. The bold, cheery welcome can do wonders to our spaces and add a fresh edge to our attire. Whether it is an orange belt, purse, a tube of the perfect lipstick or a piece of furniture or wooden frames transformed by paint, rethink. Add a toss pillow or new towels. A bowl or platter filled with the fresh color of oranges will do the trick, too. Visit your local florist market and bring into your home the “Pop” of color in flowers that we all so desperately need during the long January days and nights.
And speaking of long, winter nights…don’t forget to add candles. And no, they do not have to be orange!



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