The Allure of The Crystal Chandelier

I will admit that I have always had a love affair with the pure beauty of the crystal chandelier. They truly draw me in. It is easy to get lost in the dazzling beauty and illuminating rays of the prisms that fall on those of us below.

The allure of the chandelier has followed us through the centuries. From their original functional beginning of illuminating large castles and halls in Medieval churches and abbeys, they soon began to take on more elaborate forms. It is said that the crystal chandelier came to its fame during the development of lead glass in 17th century England. Designs became more complex as demands increased. Chandeliers not only became decorative and aesthetic in function, but a symbol of wealth. The ultimate luxury object.

Although grand chandeliers of the highest quality crystal are still a luxury object, there are crystal chandeliers available today with varied price ranges, shapes and sizes.

The illumination of these chandeliers adds instant drama and elegance to any room. They are an important decorative accessory. They are no longer limited to the dining room. Appreciating their beauty and importance in decorating will provide insight on how to use these elegant, timeless objects in our spaces. Rethink these classic, grand, opulent illuminating jewels. Consider the magical effect and ambiance added to any rooms they grace!

And please, don’t forget the dimmer switch!


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