The Elegant Orchid

As February approaches, it seems appropriate to focus on the beauty and elegance of the orchid plant. Orchids have become a symbol of love, luxury and beauty.

The history of the orchid dates back to the Greek ages where its history is one of lust, greed and wealth. The captivating flower itself was even given honor in Greek ceremonial crowns. In the middle ages the orchid was used as a remedy for illnesses. It was not until the 18th century that orchid collecting began and prompted the enduring love affair for orchids which has continued today. The orchid has long been considered an aphrodisiac, used in ‘love potions’ and in modern times even ice cream and teas.

But what about the simple elegance and beauty of this mesmerizing and often fragrant flower in the world of Interior Design? Adding this graceful, delicate plant to any room brings understated elegance and creates a beautiful focal point. The understated beauty of a white orchid is timeless, however, orchids can also be a “Pop” of color to a collected grouping of objects. This graceful plant will add instant ‘life’ to any space during the Winter months and beyond. Rethink containers that these potted beauties can attractively fill. Adding them to champagne buckets (like mine above) or varied decorative vases, pots or other containers is a simple way to create a room accent with your personal style attached.

I seem to have a ‘less is more’ approach to houseplants, and with that said, I feel that this plant is the winner. Classic, elegant, simple and timeless.
A perfect combination.

If you have not had success with this plant in the past, it is worth it to try again. Research proper care and vow to stick to adding 3 ice cubes once a week (who knew?).
A worthy attempt to gain the very worthy elegant orchid in your decor.



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