February’s Pink Crush

What is it about the color pink that sets my heart fluttering?

Pink has long been associated with love and romance. It is the color of universal love, providing feelings of self worth, acceptance and love. How appropriate with Valentine’s Day approaching to reflect on this color. February is the perfect time to acquire a pink crush!

The many shades of pink can evoke happiness and create soothing emotions within. Perhaps the softer pinks evoke childhood memories? But what a shame it would be to leave this color out of our lives! Included in our wardrobes and our home, it is sure to delight the eye. Seasonally or all year long.

Using pink in its various shades as an accent color creates a soft or bold, sophisticated look. Pink is beautiful when paired among neutrals or among accents of black, gold and silver. The combinations are endless. Grays and pinks. Browns and pinks. Black and pinks….stunning marriages of color. Striking and elegant. Hot pink has such an intense energy that I am absolutely drawn to. “Pops” of this bright color is like an exclamation mark- punctuating spaces and attire.

No matter the hue of pink, whether it is the addition of flowers, layering yourself in a pink pashmina wrap or adding an incredible clutch to your attire, add this classic, timeless color to your life.

Life should be “punctuated” by color.



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