The Art of Window Display

Chanel Boutique, Chicago

What is it about the wonderment of store front window displays that has lured me since childhood? The visual, eye-catching and memorable displays stir my senses and create a sudden burst of energy to my step as I walk from one window to the next, wondering what awaits me at the next turn. I will always be in a state of awed admiration and respect of these windows of visual “Eye Candy”.

Growing up on Long Island, I suppose it was the adventures into New York City that the attraction to window displays began for me. The artistry and creativity amazed me. Each window a collage of striking mannequins and backdrops. Indeed, my first true appreciation for real fashion. Ever evolving and ever changing. Ever inspiring. Years back, I began photographing the windows that inspired me. Of course, the simplicity and elegance of Chanel windows have always entranced me…and I simply had to share my latest photograph.

Window display is the art of retail merchandising at its finest. A true calling card for the store brand. Creating a perception of the product for sale by branding an image. It is a challenging art that requires the use of many elements: lighting, props, mannequins, clothes, jewelry, accessories…and most important, I think is magic. Creating a visual story to intrigue and delight the eye of the continually passing audience. The goal of any window is to not only stop traffic but draw us into the store. (Sigh, I will not be perusing in Chanel today…) Artistic expression at its finest paired with commerce. The responsibility that the window designer must shoulder! Indeed, their masterpieces are on display for all on a daily basis. The passion for design and creative energies that these window designers possess must be limitless. Not to mention the time invested in continually planning thought provoking or attractive and appealing displays.

That, indeed, is where the Magic begins. Simple and understated or sublime excess. The art of window display is pure Magic.



3 thoughts on “The Art of Window Display

  1. I love your Blog too :-). I am also one of the people taking photos of window displays. The Window Displays at Bergdorf and Goodman In NYC or at Selfridges in London are just amazing! They tell complete Stories.

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