Drama And The Illusion Of Space: The Floor Mirror

Floor mirrors can play a crucial role in the interior of a space. Not only do they add interest, glamour, elegance and drama, but (most importantly) the illusion of space . A wise choice in any interior.

The versatility of floor mirrors adds to their importance in large spaces and even in the smallest of spaces. When you ponder the multiple uses of what your interiors contain, these grand, oversize mirrors provide many. They offer freedom–there is no committment to where they are placed. Leaning their framed, reflective surfaces against a wall provides the flexibility to move them freely throughout your interior whenever you desire. For those that thrive on change or rotating their interiors by season, this is the substantial decorative object for you! Floor mirrors are indeed like moveable works of art.

The illusion of space created by the reflection of natural daylight and room lighting, such as lamps and overhead light fixtures, adds to the impact of these mirrored sufraces. Ambient lighting maxmized. The combination of these light sources will add another dimension to a room. One word of caution, as with any mirror, is paying attention to the reflection that is mirrored. The reflection itself will become part of the visible decor on view. Place this large accessory against a wall that reflects a beautiful interior scene and you have truly succeeded in utilizing this impressive, magnificent object in decorating.

The varied styles available can suit one’s own personal taste and style perfectly. The thrill of the hunt in finding that perfect floor mirror will be worth the time spent. Whether you choose a floor mirror that is gilded in opulent gold, stately painted in wood, has a sleek metallic finish, an understated modernity or a grid of mirrored wonder…these impressive floor mirrors deserve a spot in any interior.

Floor mirrors certainly give an edge to the old adage “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall…..”


“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it”
– Edith Wharton


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