For The Love Of Denim…

Denim, The Seasonless Icon

Denim. Truly a seasonless icon. It is always in ‘Vouge’. Denim makes its appearance every season in different cuts, styles, finishes and washes. There is the classic straight leg, or the flared, bootcut, capri and the latest “skinny” jeans. Denim even makes the transition into pops of color. But I am focussing on the true blue jean. The blue jean. The fabric is durable and versatile. Dressed up or dressed down, this wardrobe staple is timeless. Denim can even be worn with a nod to high fashion. It is, in fact, an important part of the world of fashion. As it is with the way of the fashion world continually evolving with trends, denim trends always come back around.

Denim is a staple in nearly every woman’s wardrobe. Ahh, we are continually obsessed with finding the perfect pair. The right style and cut. The perfect jean. If we wear 10% of our wardrobe 90% of the time, then you will certainly find me in my jeans, 90% of the time. It’s just that kind of 7-day of the week staple for me. Denim is ageless. Perhaps that is why I still cling to it. Forever in blue jeans. How we wear it, how we put our look together certainly relays our own style. Accessorizing the look is how you own the fabric. Life is about the details.

To appreciate this important fabric in fashion is to have knowledge of its humble beginnings. When we think of the origin of denim, we think of Levi & Strauss ( I remember my first pair of Levi’s). In 1873, during the California Gold Rush, Levi & Strauss met the demand for this utilitiarian work wear. They certainly made their own gold. The trail of history in America of denim’s impact through each decade tells a story of its own. In actuality, denim was originated long before it arrived in America. Interestingly, this sturdy cotton twill fabric found itself in the paintings of an unknown painter during the time of the famous artist, Diego Velazquez in the 1600’s. These paintings depict Italian pheasants wearing jackets, aprons and dresses made from what was called “Genes” after the city Genoa in Italy. In the late 17th century weavers in Nimes, France, are credited with creating a fabric they called “de Nimes”, thus the word “Denim” was born. Who knew? Indeed, denim has stood the test of time. It’s classic.

No matter the season, denim is always in style. Whether you layer yourself in a denim shirt, jacket or the classic jean, denim is a fabric that may fade with wear, but will never fade out of fashion.

In the words of Yves Saint Laurent:
“I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity- all I ever hope for in my clothes”.




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