A Perfect Perch: The Side Chair

Consider The Chair....

Ponder the simplicity of the side chair. A chair is a chair, but not every chair has style. Taste, style, character, comfort & aesthetics and purpose of use all should play a role when selecting a chair.

Often, chairs come into our lives. And then, out they go. For whatever reason, they may have lost their charm and appeal to us. Rightly so. As we develop an understanding for style and the lines that a chair can offer to our spaces, discretion should come into play. Choosing wisely, we truly should hesitate when considering a chair. A moment of personal contemplation. Yes, a chair is a chair that is first and foremost an object that provides us rest. Indeed. But ponder how it speaks volumes as to the style and mood its appearance sets into a room. Does it make a guest want to sit in it? Is it a perch from which to hold a glass of wine while conversing with your guest? Is it a chair that enters the space when guests arrive?

Purpose of the space and the feel of the room are crucial as to what chairs should enter our personal domain. Larger pieces seem to get the focus in decorating, such as the couch, settee or dining table. Pivotal are these pieces. However, part of the completed look is the side chair.

The chair itself is one of antiquity. Dating back thousands of years, the chair took on a role of state and dignity, an emblem of authority. So true, today, in our own spaces, the side chair plays an important role.

Consider your perfect perch…in style.



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