The “Fedora”

What a hat. Timeless and iconic. The beauty of the Fedora is that it can be worn by all ages during any season. The fabrics and choices that exist surely provide instant elegance and style to suit any taste. The flexibility to ‘dress it up’ or ‘dress it down’ makes it an important accessory to have.

Of course, I can’t not research the past in order to understand the importance something has in history….
The role of the Fedora in fashion dates back to the 1800’s. Surprisingly, the term “Fedora” was apparently coined from the 1882 French play, “Fedora“. Sara Bernhardt played the role of the heroine “Princess Fedora” in the 1889 American stage adaption. Who knew the Fedora began its importance on the head of a woman?
The following decade, the Fedora became all the rage as a fashion accessory for the middle and upper class women and men. In the early 20th century the Fedora became fashionable yet again through the 1940’s cinema scene. Ah, entertainers like the classic Humphrey Bogart and in the 1950’s, Frank Sinatra, who forever influenced the role of the Fedora.

The Fedora is not just a hat, but a statement. In the memorable words of Frank Sinatra singing “The Way You Wear Your Hat…” I completely agree. As with anything in fashion, it is the way you wear it. It’s attitude. It’s confidence. That you even choose to wear one makes a statement of its own. A bold choice, but a timeless one.

Did I mention “bad hair day”? Problem solved, in style.


Goorin Bros. Hat Shop, New Orleans-French Quarter

When I stumbled upon this store during Mardi Gras, I absolutely fell in love. For to enter this store is to fall in love with the elegance of the hat itself. And the Fedoras? Stunning.


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