March’s Green Crush

Green is the color of life. When I think of leaping into Spring the term and color “Spring Green” comes to mind…

March is the perfect time to focus on this incredible, vivid color. It’s like fresh grass. It is a color of renewal. Especially for those of us in colder climates that endure extended winters, it is the reminder that Spring will arrive! Perhaps that is why we crave, even yearn, for the color green in our lives. We desire it in the Spring and bask in it through the Summer. When the seasons change we pine for bringing the color indoors. In the meantime, until Spring’s official arrival, donning a bit of this sophisticated and elegant, cool and soothing color into our lives will be a daily reminder of the beautiful days ahead!

A bit of history…did you know that the Egyptian temple floors were painted green? Green was also Napoleon Bonaparte’s favorite color. Credited with the creation of the French Empire Style, Napolean’s use of the rich, deep greens combined with other bold, vivid colors forever impacted interior decorating. It is said that Napoleon chose green to emulate nature. Emulating nature, it certainly does. It symbolizes nature. Life and energy.

The word green is closely related to the old English verb ‘growan, “to grow”. Green denotes having a “Green Thumb” for those of us that love to dig in the earth. Alas, Spring will arrive and the world around us will indeed be green! Green is also the signature color of the eco-friendly movement. “Going Green” even signifies a healthy lifestyle. Let’s not forget that it is the month of green for those with a dash of Irish in their roots…the infamous Luck Of The Irish. Green is an icon, for it is the color of money. Somehow I think money is the root of the phrase “Green with Envy”

Green truly represents an instant connection between the world outside and our beautifully decorated spaces. Used as a “pop” of color in our attire and accessories, it is a welcomed dash of Spring to the world around us.

Rethink this color. A fresh spin on a brand new month. Go green.


“Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises”
– Pedro Calderon de la Barca


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