Crowning Glory: The Embellishment of Crown Moulding

I have always had a penchant for crown moulding. It is truly a beautiful embellishment. The crowning glory of a finished space. It is the icing on the cake in terms of a finishing detail for the interior. It can absolutely define a space, giving it an elegant distinction. Distinction is the very word that describes it. Whether the crown moulding is simplistic in style or ornate in design, any interior can benefit from its graceful, dignified appearance. No matter the style of the decor that fills an interior, from formal to modern, crown moulding can set the tone for a space. Even in small spaces it is stunning. Adding grandeur and interest, it furnishes any interior with a more classic, timeless feel by adding architectural detail. Instant flair.

The word “Moulding” is the British spelling for molding (I prefer the British version). Crown moulding is a single piece of moulding installed on an angle where the ceiling and wall meet. Crown moulding is traditionally painted in a glossy white, but current trends even showcase darker paint colors. White is always right, however. Classic, timeless and elegant.

Oh, to appreciate the history of this ornamentation…..
In history, the ceilings have always represented the skies and the heavens. Ornate ceilings with decorative moulding have been gracing palaces, churches and palatial homes for centuries. The Greeks used crown moulding to create divisions of larger spaces into visually smaller spaces. Influenced by the Greeks, the Roman’s were so enamored with crown moulding that they decorated nearly all of their homes with its glory. The Roman’s are also credited with making the shapes of the moulding less complicated to utilize. (In ancient times it was extremely tedious and time consuming task to create the moulding by hand. It was not until the 1850’s that the invention of the planing machine provided relief for the moulding makers in Europe).

Consider adding this appealing embellishment to adorn and grace your interiors. I highly recommend utilizing a skilled, professional contractor. This is an investment that will last and endure the test of time.
Indeed, a crowning glory of enjoyment for years to come…..



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