A Radiant “Pot Of Gold”: “Golden” Objects Of Style

Gold. That stunning, luminous, radiant color of “Gold”….

The idea that a “Pot Of Gold” can be found at rainbow’s end originated somewhere in Europe. According to the Irish legend of the fairies known as “Leprechauns”, it is said that every leprechaun has a pot of gold, hidden deep in the Irish countryside. If caught, the leprechaun would be forced to take the captor to the location of the treasure. To gain that coveted, gleaming pot of gold, the captor had to keep an eye on the leprechaun at all times or he would vanish with the shining treasure. Leprechauns have, indeed, become a traditional emblem of St. Patrick’s Day.

In terms of the substance “Gold”, the lure of it has been the historical downfall of many. Its story is rich and indeed complex. I read a quote that states this perfectly: “Wars have been fought over it and love has been declared over it”. Looking back at history, how true! Gold symbolizes wealth and achievement. Going back to its earliest known history, the Egyptians are credited with the first ‘melting’ of gold in 3600 BC. The Egyptian hieroglyphs portrayed the luminous sun as golden and included gold in the tombs of pharaohs and emperors. In 2600 BC goldsmiths of the Mesopotamia crafted one of the first known pieces of jewelry. What a luminous history! By 325 BC the Greeks had already mined for gold. The first recorded use of the color name “Golden” was in 1300 in reference to the element gold. In 1423 gold was used to describe blonde hair. Ah, the true beginning of the attraction for golden tresses! As history shows, since the 14th century, the purchasing power of gold has been, essentially, constant. In America, 1848 began the illustrious quest for gold. The “California Gold Rush” launched the continuation of the appeal of this object of constant desire.

This dazzling color has a rightful place within our spaces and attire. Often, many shy away from this color due to a fear of a garish, “dated”, tacky or bold choice in personal style, both in interior decor and in attire. But how mistaken this is! Adding the warm glow of the color gold to grace our spaces and embellish our wardrobes will add interest to our world, and indeed, timeless appeal. Gold is one of those classic colors. Absolutely timeless. When used appropriately, it adds a sense of richness and glamour. (And on a ceiling? Wow.) In terms of the interior, developing an understanding on how to stylistically bring the color gold into a space is a refined appreciation and skill. And in terms of your attire? Less is more. Classic, bold and essential statement pieces of this warm hue are all that you need.

Rethink “Gold”. A brilliant, golden truth may be gained….one that may just warm you to the idea of adding this glorious color into your life!

By the way, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Cheers to a bit of the “Luck of the Irish” heading your way!



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