The Enduring Appeal Of The Ancient Greek Keys

Enduring And Timeless Greek Key Pattern

One of my favorite iconic patterns, indeed…

The Greek Key Pattern is entrenched in Classical architecture and decoration throughout history. This classic pattern is not only an ancient pattern, but a timeless pattern that has endured in style and appeal for centuries. The pattern originated from Ancient Greece and is said to derive from the river Meander, a river with multiple twists and turns. The Meander pattern represented “infinity” or the “eternal flow of things” and was a key symbol for Ancient Greece. The motif of the Greek key was also referred to as Greek fret, which is an “ornamental pattern consisting of repeated vertical and horizontal lines”. The Greek Key is rooted in symbolism as Ancient Greece used Mythology and symbolism as a way to pass knowledge about all aspects of life, including moral virtues, love and cosmology. The Dictionary of Ornament states that the Greek Key is one of many key patterns of Ancient Greece, all of which are variations of continuous geometric patterns. When I think of the Greek Key, this pattern is certainly the one that instantly comes to mind.

The Interior Appeal Of The Greek Key Pattern

The interior and exterior appeal of the Greek Key pattern is unchanging. The nobility of this pattern is its striking repeated symmetry. It is indeed, legendary. This pattern is certainly a tried and true pattern and motif in interior design which seemingly will never cease. It lends a crisp, distinctive sharp edge to our interiors. Stylish, indeed. It certainly is a nod to history in its modern appearance in pillows, mirrors, fabrics and furniture pieces. With the decorative selections of this motif offered today, there seems to be a Greek Keys pattern that would suit any interior and decor, whether modern, formal, eclectic, etc. In subtle appearances or in powerful statement pieces, the classic, enduring appeal of the Ancient Greek Keys pattern in ornamention is an ageless addition to our spaces.

The key to adding influences of the past and timeless, classic appeal to our spaces may be found with the addition of the Ancient Greek Keys. Indeed, an enduring choice that will never go out of style…



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