April’s Blue Crush

April's Blue Crush

Out of the blue…..A blue crush. Blue is one of nature’s wondrous colors. To me, it is one of the colors that represents Spring. Perhaps, living in the Midwest, when the gray skies of winter truly give way to the constancy of blue, Spring has most certainly arrived. Blue has been depicted as the color of the heavens for centuries. The ancient Egyptians used the color Lapis Lazuli to represent heaven. The references to the color blue with the heaven and the skies are intertwined with history. The color blue transports our thoughts to the stunning oceans and seas. Tranquil, calming and peaceful in the coolness of blue. Blue is Spring’s rebirth brings in the color of baby blue robin eggs. Magnificence of color in nature, naturally. Focusing our attentions on the outward beauty of the natural world will certainly change our perspective inward. Blue is the perfect color to reflect in nature on the world we have the joy to live in daily. Joie de vivre.

It is said that pure blue is the color of inspiration. Inspiring, it is. Embracing this classic, perennial color will provide a serene impression, indeed. I must ask, who wouldn’t be inspired to receive a little blue box from “Tiffany’s“? The well recognized color of that little, endearing box in “Tiffany’s Blue“. A well chosen color for these treasures we bestow to others (or ourselves). And stumbling upon a blue painted exterior door? Magnificent. Bold and certainly beautiful…

The color of blue is so diverse and varied in hue. Whether bold or vivid, incorporating blue hues into our spaces and attire is a no-fail addition. For the interior, bring in the vivid pop of the blue hued Spring bulb muscari, gathered in a small vase or my favorite ‘change-out’ accessory- the toss pillow. Small changes to add the fresh, crisp or subdued color hues of blue. This time of the year calls for the classic look of a lightweight scarf as an accessory to an ensemble- perfect for the Spring breezes that fall to the cooler side. And in terms of accessorizing an outfit? Truly, the ornamentation of jewelry is a dramatic way to incorporate this timeless hue, or any hue for that matter. A bold and sizable piece of jewelry goes far as a statement piece. Less is more, but in the case of accessorizing with jewelry, bigger is better. Pair a statement piece with a classic white shirt or tee and an unfailing pairing of blue jeans- and you will certainly have a “pop” of this timeless color.

Rethink the color blue. The variances in hue of this sensational color, whether brilliant in deep navy or muted in robin egg blue, there is a place for this color within our lives.


“If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you, if the simple things of nature have a message that you understand, rejoice, for your soul is alive” -Eleonora Duse


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