The Tortoise Always Wins- In Style

The Tortoise Always Wins-In Style
Tortoise Wins In Style

So, the Tortoise always wins. We all know the classic children’s story, “The Tortoise And The Hare”. In Aseops fables, the story is about a wise turtle who wins a race over a boastful hare…and, as the famed story goes, the tortoise wins. A story of virtue, indeed.

Tortoise “style” in fashion and interior design will always win in style. Tortoiseshell style accessories are indeed a wardrobe classic, if not staple. The rich colors add an instant aura of sophistication to one’s attire. Nothing beats tortoise cuff bracelets or jewelry or the interest of tortoise inspired elements in a home’s interior. The swirls of amber and brown hues are warm and welcoming in any space.

The actual tortoiseshell is a molted brown, black and often orange toned pattern. Today, this pattern is made in many materials, including glass and plastic ( Its form in plastic eyewear, I believe,is the most desirable classic eyewear out there! Harken back to the classic images of 1920’s and 1930’s tortoiseshell frames or the image of Audrey Hepburn peering out from behind her fabulous tortoise shades in “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”. Timeless, indeed.) The tortoiseshell pattern is clearly styled and fashioned into many decorative elements and uses, only a few of which I have compiled together.

The Ancient Greeks and early Romans used tortoise shell in jewelry and hair ornamentation. It is said that the victor in the earliest use of the tortoiseshell for decorative purposes was the Chinese and Japanese. They would lacquer a whole turtle shell to use as a bowl! Who knew? During the Renaissance, decorative tortoiseshell inlaid jewelry boxes were extremely popular, as well as tortoise hairbrushes. Tortoiseshell use continued and in the mid 18th century, European interior designers began to favor the Rococo style of decorating, which included the use of inlaid furniture with tortoise shell. Unfortunately, as centuries passed and as the demand for the tortoise remained constant, the Hawksbill Sea Turtle (which gifted us with this beautiful style in fashion and interiors) became an endangered specie in 1970. Fortunately, the Hawskbill still exists today and primarily lives in the coral reefs. The attraction to the use of tortoise shell style has continued to today, deeming it a classic, indeed.

Consider adding this fabulous pattern into your world. It is a neutral that blends with every style and the style itself will always thrive in attire and in interiors. There is indeed, a tortoise styled accessory out there for each of us. enhance your wardrobes or interiors with this classic style, in style.



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