Hues of Inspiration: Easter Entertaining in Purple & Blue

I am inspired by purple and blue for Easter entertaining this year. These are certainly traditional Easter colors, but aside from just pastels, incorporating vivid tones of these hues will create a vibrant tabletop display, indeed.

Embracing Spring and nature’s splendor with Easter is another delightful opportunity to dress a table! Creating an Easter-inspired table is simply a matter of choosing a color hue or hues. Whether you chose a tone on tone of hue or an elegant white background with “pops” of color infused in the display, color will impact the table. Impact of hue goes a long way in creating a stunning, cohesive look. Whether monochromatic or mixed with color (try two, such as purple and blue!), use of color creates a stylish, well defined look to a table. Remember, simplicity, elegance and sophistication is a grand goal in “tablescaping”.

Flowers are important details on any table. Choosing a large bloom, such as the billowy Hydrangea, is a show stopper, indeed. A centerpiece of stunning beauty and inspiration. Or, consider cascading, fragrant lilac blooms to grace your table. Whether cascading arrangements or trimmed blooms in small vases, these pleasing, fragrant additions are essential. Consider also candles and the stylish holders that contain them. Nothing graces a table more than the warm glow of candlelight. There is surely no replacement for this addition to a table. Set the table aglow! Rethink colored tapers, too. White is always right, but beautiful hued tapers are an instant “Wow” and the perfect uniting factor with your chosen color hued theme. Aesthetic bliss! Then there are the dishes. White platters (which I cannot live without!) make a beautiful presentation of any dish being served and work with any color hue, indeed! Accent dishes are always stunning to any table, but if you are lacking the right hue to coordinate with your stylish look, remember that white is forever classic. Lastly, the napkins. Same as with the dishes, you can never go wrong with white. Restaurant quality white cotton is a classic! And this year why not try the “Bunny Fold”?!!

As in life, it is all about the details. Follow your inner style sense to pull together a beautiful “tablescape”. Source your private cache of dishes, vases and candle holders and other sensational pieces that can add impact and interest and rethink! This is a celebration shared with family and loved ones. A moment to be enjoyed. Memories start with the table. Add your own stylish spin on this celebration that will be memorable.

Indeed, Every table should be memorable!



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