Neon: Accessorizing A Trend

Neon Brights:  Accessorizing A Trend
Neon Brights: Accessorizing A Trend

Neon in Fashion…
It’s back. Like all things in fashion or in interior decoration, everything old is new again. Perhaps I am dating myself, but surviving the mid 80’s neon craze in high school is still vividly bright in my memory. It was an electric neon rainbow of color phenomenon. Did I contemplate its return? No, in fact. Although it was probably inevitable, I was not anticipating it’s return. But I have certainly rethought this bold trend since it began slowly infiltrating fashion and interior decor a few years earlier. Trends are trends, but this bright trend is worth focussing on.

Neon Accessories:  Fashionable Brights
Neon Accessories: Fashionable Brights

For many, I will assume that there is a slight panic on how to incorporate the electric colors into our lives. Do we dare? Yes, we should. I believe in the power of fashion and keeping in sync with trends, I only hesitate at how the trend is incorporated. Indeed, less is more. Especially in neon. (For the record, looking back, I did hold to the less is more rule in regards to neon). Keeping fresh with styles and trends is a fine line. Always aiming for the classic, but with an air of “edge” with trends should always be the goal. Trends can be incorporated elegantly, and can be ageless, when used in moderation. It is again in the details. Neon is a extraordinary “Pop” of color to brighten anyones day, indeed. Jcrew has injected neon in the perfect dosage throughout their collection. Following their lead, it is easy to gather ideas on how to incorporate neon in one’s ensemble with accessories. Add a pop of neon color with a belt, a scarf, a fabulous handbag or clutch. Details. Life is all about the details. And, do not forgot the lips. Impact, I say! Do not fear color. Bold and shocking, perhaps, but living life boldly is.

Neon in the Interior…

Neon Brights In The Interior
Neon Brights In The Interior

For interiors, “pops” of neon are like injections of life into a space. Although there are more long term commitment to color choice in furnishings and walls, this trend is bound to stick around long before you tire of its bright hue. Rethink, but use judgement. Indulge, but in moderation.

Neon Appeal:  Bright Infusion Of Color Within The Interior
Neon Appeal: Bright Infusion Of Color Within The Interior

Fashion and interior design is everchanging. It is trends that marry the classics. A word of caution regarding trends, however, is to indulge in the trends that truly fit your evolving personal taste and style. To follow fashion and interior trends for the sake of the “in” look without falling head over heels with it is, indeed, a mistake. Style is personal. It’s all your own. One’s style can certainly incorporate the trends and even add a unique edge to it. Ultimately, “Own it”. If you wear it or adorn your interiors with it, love it. Life is meant to be embellished with those things that inspire us. There is seemingly no greater inspiration than color.

Rethink the electrifying trend of Neon. Bold, Bright, and Beautiful. Rethink pure color.



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    1. Thanks so much!! I am thrilled to know that I have a part in inspiring….thank YOU for sharing that.
      Hearing such wonderful feedback inspires ME.
      Thanks for visiting my blog, Nikita!

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