“April In Paris”- The Bistro Chair

The Allure Of The French Bistro Chair

Oh, to be in Paris in April……
I have been to Paris and have had the sheer bliss experience of watching the movement of this famed city sitting from one of these chairs from a Parisian sidewalk. If I was to return today, I would undoubtedly again be sitting in a cafe in one of these sensational chairs. The Bistro Chair.

When I think of ‘Cafe furniture’, the rattan bistro chair quickly comes to mind. French bistro rattan cane chairs are found throughout Paris. These chairs possess great design, appeal and comfort and are durable and easy to clean. They are often varnished with a marine coating which protects them from the elements. Bistro chairs are often made of “Rilsan” (a natural resin derived from the caster bean plant. Interestingly, this resin is so strong and durable that it is used in the making of automobile gas tanks~) and rattan and made of bent-wood rattan material. Today, the colorful seats and backs of the chairs are commonly made with weaves of woven PVC material. The Bistro chair is still hand-crafted in France, by the oldest rattan chair manufacturer in the world, Drucker. Drucker, established in 1885, has skillfully mastered “The art of using rattan and the magic of the patterns“. It is said that Louis Drucker was the most prolific and creative creator of the Parisian and French market and is stated to be the true creator of these chairs. Interestingly, this is a family business in which these artisan skills are transfered from father to son, mother to daughter. It is no wonder that Drucker has dominated the French rattan market ever since the end of the 19th century. Indeed, these chairs are associated with visions of the Parisian bistro and the sidewalks of France.

A Timeless Perch:  The Bistro Chair
A Timeless Perch: The Bistro Chair

The bistro chair is certainly the perfect chair for the outdoor venues the European Bistro’s offer. But consider using these stylish rattan chairs indoors-perfect around a dining table! Rethink to incorporate these chairs into indoor and outdoor spaces. Add a casual & timeless European flair. Imagine sipping espresso or cafe au lait…or savoring a glass of wine, paired with great conversations or a moment in solitude…in this timeless chair.
A stellar moment, indeed.


To share a melodic tune that always seems to make my heart dance….

April In Paris
“I never knew the charm of Spring
Never met it face to face
I never knew my heart could sing
Never missed a warm embrace

April In Paris
Chestnuts in blossom
Holiday tables under the trees
April In Paris
This is a feeling no one can ever reprise

I never new the charm of Spring
Never met it face to face
I never knew my heart could sing
Never missed a warm embrace

Till April In Paris
Whom Can I run To?
What have you done to my heart?
What have you done to my heart?

-Lyrics by Vernon Duke

(My Favorite version? Frank Sinatra)


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