Clear Style: Lucite

The Clear Style Of Lucite

The definition of Lucite is a material used for an acrylic resin or plastic consisting essentially of polymerized methyl methacrylate. That said, Lucite was once associated and well known with the decor the Hollywood Regency Era of the 1930’s and of course, the disco craze of the 1970’s. Yet the timeless style of Lucite continues today. How stylish and diverse the Lucite offerings are today!

Of course, delving into history is always inspiring and provides a greater appreciation….
DuPont introduced Lucite in 1936. The Rohm & Haas Chemical Company also discovered this acrylic resin at around the same time and developed it under the name Plexiglas. A third company, ICI followed not far behind. Both DuPont and Haas and Rohm licensed the process and began commercial production in 1936. Both companies were a sensation with their clear invention at the 1939 World’s Fair in New York. However, after the outbreak of World War II, the clear acrylics were reserved for military use. Who knew? It was only after the war that interior decorators began using Lucite in New York, Paris and of course, Hollywood. Interestingly, Lucite never generated substantial earnings for DuPont. This may have been due to Rohm & Haas, as the primary product of their company was Lucite. Rohm & Haas was able to dedicate more resources to Plexiglass and consistently offered lower prices than DuPont. In 1993, DuPont sold it’s acrylic resin operations to ICI. In 1999, the union of the acrylic businesses of DuPont and ICI was rebranded to “Lucite International“. In 2011, Lucite International celebrated the brand’s 75 year anniversary, hosting an exhibition in New York City that same year. Clearly, an interesting past, indeed.

Crystal Clear Style In Interiors
Crystal Clear Style In Interiors

Lucite today has a clear edge of style. Who does not think of the fabulous, iconic “Ghost Chair” created and launched in 2002 by Philippe Stark? The “Ghost Chair” gives a nod to the Baroque style with its medallion back- again, elegance in clear magnificence. It is modern, yet timeless. Lucite can keep a room appearing spacious with its translucent appeal. Function without consuming visual space. Indeed, it allows for a more fluid look to a room. A modern, unexpected twist, perhaps. It is clear style with a classy elegance, if you will. Lucite is certainly contemporary, yet it can fit in with even more traditional furnishings. There are undeniably avid Lucite fans, yet I believe there is a Lucite piece that will add tremendous impact and style to every interior. It is finding the perfect piece! Lucite is a clear winner. Whether a chair, a side table, tray or lamp, there is an accessory that will distinctively integrate with your decor and furnishings. The clear choice in accenting a room. Timeless, modern and indeed, classic.

Clearly Fashionable" Lucite Accessories
Timeless Christy Turlington Adorned With Lucite Accessories
Timeless Christy Turlington Adorned With Lucite Accessories
Iconic Linda Evangelistic:  Embellished In Lucite
Iconic Linda Evangelistic: Embellished In Lucite
Fashion's Appeal:  Lucite Beauty
Fashion’s Appeal: Lucite Beauty

And what of the transparent Lucite incorporated in our world of fashion accessories? Striking and full of impact. Clear impact. Bold and understated. A fresh and clear edge, indeed. It seems with Lucite Jewlery, bigger is certainly better. A statement piece, for certain. Again, timeless. Lucite is also season-less (although I adore wearing it in the Summer- it seems the perfect accessory on hot days, like a clear ice cube, refreshing!). Once these pieces are incorporated into your collection of accessories, you will never part. The crystal clear love affair will have begun.

Rethink Lucite. Add the timeless, stylish Lucite into your world. You will clearly be impressed!



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