The Venerable Lutyens Bench

The Distinctive, Timeless Lutyens Garden Bench
The Distinctive, Timeless Lutyens Garden Bench

The allure of this classic bench has garnered my attention for years. Its distinctive curves and scrolled arms have always stood out when I have stumbled upon this unique bench in a garden setting. I remember the thrill when I had discovered the bench had a name! Of course, digging deeper into history truly has a way of appreciating classic architecture and style…..

The Timeless Lutyens Bench
The Timeless Lutyens Bench

Sir Edwin Landseer Lutyens, born in London in 1869, was a prestigious British architect during the late 19th century and early 20th century. His career occurred during the Victorian Empire and the First World War. Lutyens is known for creatively adapting traditional architectural styles to the demands of his era. It has even been considered by many that Lutyens was a predecessor to modern design and has been referred to as the “Greatest British architect”.

In relation to his contribution to the world of gardening, he is often associated with his relations to the infamous gardener, Gertrude Jekyll. It is said that Jekyll was devoted in supporting Lutyens career and the projects they joined forces on- the breathtaking gardens of Lutyens country houses. Although the “Lutyens Bench” was not the only bench Lutyens created, (the Hestercombe bench is another classic and timeless work) however, it is the bench commonly associated with his name. This bench has been an inspiration for bench craftsmen ever since.

Today there are truly so many versions of this bench. Steel coated, multi-colored options abound. All wonderful to provide options for anyone’s tastes and needs. However, the appeal of the hardwood, teak, adds the appeal of history as it weathers and ages. A feature for the garden that will appear as if the bench always resided in the location it graces. The Lutyens Bench is a grand addition to any garden space. A focal point, indeed. Classic, timeless and elegant garden style.

It is said that Lutyens, despite his achievements as an architect, was a modest and romantic man, known for his whit and charm. No wonder he created such a timeless architectural detail for the garden. The next time I sit on the planks of this timeless bench, I will nod to the skies to his memory, in gratitude for the gifts he left behind, from my perch, somewhere, in a breathtaking garden…


“There will never be great architects or great architecture without great patrons”- Sir Edwin Lutyens


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