Inspiration in a Jcrew Clutch

Over the weekend, I received an email from Jcrew that inspired and excited me…

The Jcrew Dreamweaver Clutch

Jcrew’s Dreamweaver clutch. A fantastic clutch in sumptuous leather with a great visual story of inspiration behind it. I am, alas, a fan of all things French. I have blogged about the allure of the captivating and classic bistro chair from which to perch and view the world from a French cafe. Add a heavenly cup of espresso, and perfection! Combine that image into a fabulous clutch? Indeed, perfection!

Below is a compilation I was compelled to create based off of Jcrew’s inspiration…

Inspired By A Clutch...

This clutch surely has the spirit of these French elements.
This is certainly one retro closet staple that I can’t wait to get my hands on!!!
Anyone else smitten?



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