The Understated Elegance Of The White Shirt

A Timeless Classic:  The Crisp White Shirt
A Timeless Classic: The Crisp White Shirt

The white shirt. Indeed, a fashion constant. The white shirt is a fashion icon that always looks stunning, timeless and effortless. The epitome of an ideal and classic wardrobe staple. Elegance and taste in a reliable, tried and true closet perennial.

The white shirt is iconic in the fashion industry. It is said that one of the earliest cutting edge uses for the white shirt, taken from menswear, was fostered by Coco Chanel in the 1920’s. Chanel discarded the corset and donned a loose, white shirt, shocking the fashion world and transcending fashion. The power of the white shirt on a woman had begun!

20 years ago this month….

April 1992 American Vouge, 100th Anniversary Edition Cover

In April of 1992, fashion editor of American Vouge, Anna Wintour, featured nine “Supermodels”, photographed by renowned photographer, Patrick Demarchelier, on the cover of the 100th Anniversary edition. The models: (clockwise from the top) Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Karen Mulder, Elaine Irwin, Niki Taylor, Yasmeen Ghauri, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell & Tatjana Patitz. Wearing shirts by the Gap, no less! This certainly proves that taste and fashion do not have to equate high priced fashion.

20 years ago and still in style. Who remembers this stunning cover? I saved this cover, as I often have saved Vouge covers that inspired me. Interestingly, the covers I saved were mostly of the “Supermodels”. Anyone else recall fondly the grand days when it was models that graced the glossy covers of the fashion magazines rather than actresses, music stars or famous individuals? Those days were truly memorable. The era of the “Supermodels” was the pinnacle of a time when fashion was about the clothes styled on the striking and beautiful model….but alas, back to the white shirt!

Vintage Renditions:  Icons In The Classic White Shirt
Vintage Renditions: Icons In The Classic White Shirt
The Classic White Shirt
The Classic White Shirt
A Fashion Constant:  The White Shirt
A Fashion Constant: The White Shirt

The white shirt is a modern classic that, like the little black dress and jeans, will never fail to appeal nor fade out of fashion. The timeless and sharp white shirt has stood the test of time and continues to enhance and showcase the individual beauty and character of the woman who wears it. The backdrop of pure white almost seems to showcase radiance on one’s face. Fresh and glowing, clean and simple. The crisp white shirt is a basic staple that is indispensable in our wardrobes.

The versatility of the white shirt allows it to be suitable for any occasion. It can be casual or luxurious as the pairing options with one’s wardrobe are limitless. As with fashion itself, it is how you wear it. How you style it. How you “own” it. Attitude is everything, indeed. Again, limitless options. Think of the white shirt as your personal canvas, a neutral base, with which to accessorize to your own personal whims. Your own personal style awaits…and for those of us who have been enamored over the years with the white shirt with our own personal style evolution? Success in our investments! One can never have too many white shirts!

I have always held to the adage that “white is always right”. In regard to the white shirt, it truly is. A white shirt is always right. A constant in an evolving world of fashion. A constant in our own personal style. The powerful, understated elegance of the white shirt is ageless, indeed.

“Fashion is architecture. It is a matter of proportions.” – Coco Chanel

The white shirt as architecture? Flawless and powerful.



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