May’s Yellow Crush

A yellow crush. A perfect color to reflect bright and sunny days!

The history of the color yellow is entwined with ancient times in which the yellow ocher pigment was used to decorate the interior of caves and exteriors of temples. Who knew? In Imperial China, the color yellow was reserved for the Emperor, as he symbolized wisdom, enlightenment and the power of the sun. Ah, the power of the sun!! The glow of the sun seems to provide us with bursts of energy on a bright, sunny yellow day! As we all know, a little bit of sunshine is a wonderful cure for ‘blue’ moods during dull weather or perhaps personal situations that require a turning point. Who doesn’t feel optimistic and cheerful when the luminous sun shines bright? Although attitude is destiny, the glow of the yellow sun undoubtedly does wonders in boosting our spirits! Yellow also seems to bring clarity to our day. It is said that the color yellow simply gets the most attention. Impact! A powerful color, indeed.

When used in moderation, punches of the color yellow can certainly brighten a room or one’s attire, for that matter. When used for impact, for example, a pop of brilliant yellow on an exterior painted door or even a “mellow yellow” on an interior door , yellow becomes a stunning focal point. Moderation. Infusions of crisp yellow can be a perfect fresh imbue for an interior or attire. Without committing to upholstering furniture or the addition of sumptuous cascading curtains in buttery yellow, consider adding a toss pillow (one of my favorite accessories for the interior) or a bowl of yellow citron lemons to a countertop or table. Instant impact, instant cheer. Refreshment in yellow, indeed. In flowers, consider the timeless rose to add the lovely appeal and ‘fragrance’ of the days of Summer ahead (and they are ahead!). In fashion, it is once again the introduction of a radiant color in “pops”. A clutch, shoes or my personal favorite, statement jewelry. Impact. Color. Positive and confidently presenting oneself to the world, swathed, tastefully in bold color. Accessorizing in lemon-colored hues is indeed a bright and bold statement. Rethink the impact of this hue, and let its warm and powerful glow fill your life.



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