In Celebration Of Mothers: The Graceful Peony

The Graceful Peony

Mother’s Day. The celebration that honors and celebrates motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society, has a notable impact on those of us that are mothers…

In the year 2000, I had the exhilarating experience of learning that I was going to be a mother. At the time, the stunning, delicate and fragrant Peony flower was in bloom. Of course, there really does not have to be an occasion to embellish our world with the beauty of flowers, but this time, I simply had to have a bouquet of Peonies. That bouquet was to commemorate a pivotal event in my life. I can still recall the beautiful cluster of pink peonies brimming with pure beauty from a simple cream pottery vase. I enjoyed that bouquet differently than any other bouquet since. That bouquet was a celebration of motherhood and the fascination and wonder of what was forming inside me. Eleven years have passed since the birth of our son, Thorsen, and nine years since the birth of our daughter, Nilsa. Life’s blessings, indeed. Being a mother has changed my life, changed my world. It is significant and full of wonderment as we see the world through our child’s eyes. An awakening to a new, profound perspective on life.

Prior to being a mother, I was always in awe at my own mother. The responsibility of not only raising children, but ensuring that children have manners, respect, poise and of course, compassion, is a worthy one that our mothers take on. I have learned that, as with my mom, you truly never stop being a mother. However, the beauty of watching your own children grow and blossom into their own life is perhaps the most beautiful gift of motherhood. Even if you are a not a mother, the joy of watching a child grow, a child that is perhaps close to us in our lives, can impact us significantly. Life and its journey is beautiful.

And what of the stunning flower, the Peony? What more perfect flower than the delicate, graceful, fragrant and elegant bloom of a Peony to celebrate Motherhood? My personal favorite, indeed. The impressive perennial with green leaves and large flowers are a profusion of beauty for the eye to behold during Spring and early Summer months. While there are many variations of the Peony, including the Tree Peony, there are also a variety of beautiful, stunning colors. Perhaps I love the pink Peonies as they are said to be the most fragrant. Life should be fragrant and beautiful. Beautiful petals, indeed.

Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful Mother and to all of the Mothers (or Mother’s-to-be)!
It is a journey of love we embark upon, indeed.



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