The Cascading Elegance Of A Flowering Shrub: ” Bridal Wreath Spirea”

The Cascading Elegance Of “Bridal Wreath Spirea”

Spirea. In the Spring, the graceful stems of the Spirea bear a flowering snowfall of blossoms. Delightful for the eye, indeed. Not only is it distinctive, but it offers a sweet fragrance that we all crave with Spring’s arrival. Granted, I live in the midwest, and the blooms of Spring arrive much later than in other parts of the United States. It is now that the height of the profusion of dotted flowers have just passed peak bloom, cascading with grace and poise, and moving gently as Spring breezes blow them to and fro. Before any beautiful flowering shrub fades to its green foliage, taking a moment to appreciate the sheer beauty of a shrub is to appreciate the wonderment of the natural world and all that it offers. It is no wonder that this particular shrub is referenced as the “Bridal Wreath”.

The Spirea Cantoniensis (Bridal Wreath) is a deciduous, low maintenance shrub that produces cascades of tiny white flowers on thin, arching branches, when in full bloom. This Spirea is grown best in full sun and is often used as border shrubs or hedges. When planted against a backdrop of dense, shrubs or foliage, the flowers display proficiently. Once planted, this easy shrub requires little care but mulch, water and an occasional pruning. Alas, if you have missed to opportunity to plant this shrub this Spring, there is always the Fall planting…. easy elegance, indeed.

If you stumble upon this shrub, look again. Simply appreciate its magnificence and glory. Serene and beautiful. Can the gracefulness and beauty of a shrub be emulated in our own life? Why not? Life should be lived with elegance, grace, beauty and simplicity. Life is beautiful. Perhaps the gracefulness and elegance of this cascading plant can be embraced and absorbed internally. In accordance with its name, Bridal Wreath, an image of pure love and joy, perhaps a shrub can provide just that. If we stop, pause, and simply revel…in the beauty of nature.



2 thoughts on “The Cascading Elegance Of A Flowering Shrub: ” Bridal Wreath Spirea”

  1. Kristin – I love the diversity of your posts. It ain’t spring here, so I am imagining I am up in your neck of the woods checking out the spirea as I put my woolly socks on…

    1. Thank you so much for that wonderful complement! I am thrilled you find my posts diverse. Life is just that way! In regards to your woolly socks, keep imagining! : )
      Thanks for visiting so often and commenting as I really appreciate feedback.

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