The Simplicity Of A Handbag: The Clutch

The Simplicity Of The Clutch

The clutch. That perfect bag that one can “clutch” in one’s hand. That fabulous petite bag that stylishly holds only a few key essentials. Simplicity, indeed, when less is more. The clutch, with its classic and eternal appeal, seems to be enjoying a resurgence in the world of fashion over the years.

The Clutch is not a modern invention. The history of the purse itself dates back to the Babylonian era when small pouches were used to carry money and valuables by both men and women. In regards to the entrance of the clutch into the world of fashion, history states that clutch bags were created in the 1800’s, inspired by the forerunner of the women’s handbag, “Reticules”. Elegant women began carrying these small, drawstring bags to hold handkerchiefs and smelling salts. Interesting contents for the handbag, indeed. Who knew?

As the winds of fashion change, often, the changes are in direct relation to the events in the world surrounding it. In the case of the clutch, during the 19th century in Europe and America, the clutch purse reached its peak and then proceeded to fade out of fashion during the close of the turn of the century. It was during World War II that the clutch regained popularity. A direct result of rationing and less materials available for manufacturing paired with a wartime mindset of simplicity, clutch purse fashion style was reborn.

The Simplicity & Versatility Of The Clutch

In the past, the clutch has commonly been thought of for formal events. No longer is this true. No longer is a clutch a forgotten occasional bag, but a standard for the women’s wardrobe. A clutch for a formal occasion and for every day for any season is a staple accessory to stylish attire. The small profile of this bag is a brilliant, fashionable accessory for any woman. Room enough to carry essentials causing a lesson in fine tuning what one needs for a daily adventure. Traveling light, indeed. Having a hand bag of some sort is a necessity for any woman. That said, whether small in stature or a more oversize clutch, why not make the clutch an everyday basic?

The variety of clutch bags available today are diverse in colors, shapes, patterns and designs. Whether ornate in fabric, texture or eye catching animal print, or neat, flat rectangles, fold-overs or shaped like an envelope in design, there is certainly a style and fashionable statement for every woman. In addition, as the seasons change, the clutch bag can change in style and fabrics to coordinate. Choices abound that provide versatility of the clutch for a variety of occasions. Although many of these stylish clutch bags are available with straps of some type, providing further versatility, these are always removeable. Most clutch bags either have a metal hinge, zipper or a snap closure. Again, variety in style.

A statement is just what this bag is. Its slim, lean look sets a precedence. A woman who can carry a stylish bag holding only a few items is a woman who confidently can leave the home with a minimal amount of fuss. Less is more when we fine tune our handbags. Of course, I adore large handbags as well, I simply believe transferring our essentials to a smaller ‘clutch’ from time to time is freedom. As it is said, “Less baggage on the move”. With warmer weather at our heels and approaching quickly, why not lighten up and grab your clutch and go?

The Fashionable Clutch

Rethink the clutch. Again, if you can tell a lot about a woman by how they carry their belongings around, then perhaps the woman who can carry a clutch relays confidence with a ‘less is more’ appeal. After all, besides the basics of a great tube of lipstick, keys, slim wallet and cell phone, why not gather them into a carefree and light clutch? There is elegance in simplicity. Remember, if you struggle with the ‘less is more’, what better way to fool the eye than stow your extra essentials in an oversize clutch? Certainly a statement all its own. Either way, simply consider the sheer style of the clutch, if for no other reason at all. It is a classic accessory, indeed.



4 thoughts on “The Simplicity Of A Handbag: The Clutch

  1. I agree, I think clutches are the chicest type of handbag, and a clutch is the perfect way to draw attention to your manicure. The small ones are always so cute but I must admit I have a hard time fitting all my stuff in them, which is why I love oversized clutches! Great post!

  2. I don’t have a ‘slim’ wallet, Kristin!!!

    Totally agree the clutch is chic (although I rarely have a great manicure to show off, either!) Maybe I could practice being chic with the gorgeous neon yellow/grey number up there…? 🙂

    1. Manicure or no manicure, you would certainly have to ‘lighten up’ in regards to the wallet…. ; )
      However, I’m sure you are chic with or without a clutch. Chicness is a presentation all on its own!

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