The Classic Garden Urn

The Classic & Timeless Garden Urn

The Garden Urn. Classic, decorative and time honored. A refined statement. Whether gracing the garden, positioned at the entrance of an exterior or even within the interior, urns are bold and extraordinary statements. It is said that the garden urn is perhaps the most enduring of objects to be brought into the garden. I so agree. The shapely form and base of these iconic urns not only found there way to the front door, but into conservatories and even onto the roofs throughout its rise in appeal in history. They certainly add an historical air reminiscent of old European manors and estates. Timeless, classical additions that have decorated elegant and stately homes as free standing decorative ornamentation throughout history.

Garden urns have appeared in the formal garden setting for centuries, including the early Greek and Roman gardens. These ancient Greek and Roman forms became popular in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and were either made from stone, marble, bronze or teracotta. The original use of ancient urns, called amphori or vasi was for the storage of wine, grain and even the ashes of loved ones. Who knew? However the function, these were daily visual reminders of the everyday need for beauty. Indeed, they are just that. The graceful and elegant curves and classic lines of these urns attracts my attention no matter where I stumble upon them. The interest in garden urns was revived during the Renaissance, as all things ancient became vouge. Apparently, Englands Earl of Arundel was the first to bring significant quantities of urns back to England in the early 17th century. It was not until the discoveries of Herculaneum in 1738 and Pompeii in 1748 that the rage for the urn truly was sparked. In the revitalized society of the renaissance, when all things ancient embodied visions of spendour, the garden was the perfect site to embellish those ideas. The allure of the garden urn had begun.

Interior & Exterior Decoration With The Garden Urn

Indoors and outdoors the garden urn makes a statement. Flanking a front door, urns add instant impact and curb appeal. The garden urn is so versatile and portable that you can certainly change your mind on location. These grand centerpieces are stunning architectural interest objects and can be used as a focal point in a garden, or will add an alluring element to a bare area of the garden. They can certainly draw the eye, acquiring the attention of those that may drift through the garden. These classic forms are stately are certainly effective in defining any area that they are positioned. In addition, the variety of styles, materials and shapes are varied and plentiful. Filled with colorful flowers or plantings they add life and beauty. Urns are certainly an elegant addition to grace our outdoor spaces.

In regards bringing these decorative urns inside? Urns are limitless as to how you can use them. My favorite use for a smaller urn with a wide opening is to stylishly display glossy magazines. Why not? Architectural interest paired with function! Rethink the garden urn. A fabulous addition of interior style with purpose! Perhaps this traditional element is the object needed to add substance and interest to your interior! After all, everything old is truly new again….
Timeless, classic style, indeed.



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