Summer Style: The Appeal Of The “Straw” Tote

“Straw” Tote Style

The “Straw” Tote. Land or sea, farmer’s market or ocean excursion, the straw tote is practical, versatile and stylish. Whether casual, quick outings or Summertime picnics, this bag can stow it all. In style. A timeless statement in warm weather seasons. Summertime perfection in a bag, indeed.

The art of the straw handbag is a centuries-old technology steeped in cultural pride, an expression of art and cultural tradition. History within its weaves, for certain. According to history, the art of weaving and the incorporation of straw material have existed since before the Spanish Era. The Philippines is said to be one of the birthplaces of straw handbags. In fact, many of the straw handbags are made only for export throughout the world. Who knew? Straw handbags are made with the basic technique of weaving similar to the tradition of basket weaving. These woven textiles require less tension due to straw’s low flexibility and can incorporate a weaving pattern that produces different designs or even a mix of contrasting colors. The overlapping fibers of the straw material used depends upon origin in which it is made and can include plant fibers such as raffia, lupis, tikog, bancuan, pandan and sea grass. The result of which offers variety to meet our personalized preference in texture and style. In addition, these totes are durable and made of excellent quality, requiring simple maintenance by spot cleaning with water and a damp towel. Ease in care for this enduring staple bag-perfect!

The Practical, Versatile And Stylish “Straw” Tote

Of all straw bags, the fabulous straw tote is perhaps the most simple in form. The tote, with its open top, basket style and short handles can vary in size and style, but is an enduring classic and wardrobe staple. Today, the multitude of styles available can be credited to the designers, who mix straw handbags with different materials, such as leather straps and other details, to add further appeal. The designers have certainly reintroduced this timeless icon to the fashion industry, once again, emulating the iconic tote in style and purpose. However, it is the simple, neutral, large straw tote, handheld or shoulder style, that beckons my Summertime adventures.

A Classic, Fashionable Straw Tote (Linda Evangelista)
A Classic, Fashionable Straw Tote (Linda Evangelista)

So, as your Summer evolves, consider exploring your local farmer’s market toting a handwoven straw bag as a stylish means to carry your finds, meander through the sun bathing crowds with your beach essentials stowed attractively in your tote of “straw” or fill your tote with the gourmet provisions for a delectable picnic from your local delicatessen. (Being the Long Island ‘girl’ that I am, I fondly recall the deli’s of my youth. A vision of the Hampton-esque lifestyle and the ocean waters lapping on the sandy shores with “beach” grasses blowing in the Summer breezes comes to mind… Alas, images generated from the visual of a “straw” tote!)

Truly, what other bag speaks Summer and serves us so well than the iconic “straw” tote? Carefree elegance in a natural, seasonal style, indeed. Carry it all, in style.

And, Cheers to Summer!



5 thoughts on “Summer Style: The Appeal Of The “Straw” Tote

  1. I just love your stylish posts with historical context, K. The straw tote is a gorgeous classic, but I fear not the most practical for all the (squash-able) produce I buy at our local farmers market. Function over form in this instance, for me. 🙂 (sacrilege!)

    1. Thanks for the compliment, first of all. Secondly, perhaps the ‘market’ is not the best option with this tote for you! Function and form should always be the goal…perhaps it is the perfect “beach” tote for you?
      As always, thanks for making me smile. ; )

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