Reflections Of A June Bride…

My Wedding Day, 17 Years Ago….
My Groom. The Love of My Life, 17 Years Stronger…

June 16th, 1995. Our day. It is an anniversary of only 17 years, but every year is a celebration. Every day is a gift. Seventeen years ago, in a wedding dress of flowing white tulle overlaying white satin and a bodice of white pearls and sheer sequins, I was married to the man who still holds my heart. The crown that held my veil was my Mother’s from her wedding day…a meaningful embellishment, indeed. The wafting sweet smell of the intoxicating white magnolias from my wedding bouquet and the sound of the cascading satin and tulle in movement I will always recall. Alas, it seems like yesterday. To be a bride, to wear the dress of white, is truly to be a princess for a moment in time…a Queen, perhaps. One of the greatest joys in a marriage is living a life where the love of your life treats you like a queen each day. Marriage and life can be blissful. The road of life has its challenges, its ups and its down, but when you forge through together, in unity, I have found that there is no greater happiness. Fortunate am I, indeed…

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life….



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