Charting a Course of Fatherhood…

Setting Sails…

A Father. A strong boat on the water of life’s storms and tides and tranquil moments on the seas and oceans. Charting a course to protect and uphold his family, his wife and his children.

As a sailor on a sailboat, the sailor manages the force of the wind on the sails in order to move the vessel and change its direction and speed by changing the rigging and rudder. The mastery of this skill requires experience in varying wind and sea conditions, knowledge of the sail boat itself and a keen awareness and understanding of ones surroundings. How similar to the goals and course of Fatherhood is the sailor and his vessel!

To all of those that have charted this course of Fatherhood…
As the winds of life change, may the skills you have learned through the experience of life propel you onward to continually set your point of sail in the direction of your goals and dreams for your family…

To all of those Fathers, to my Father, and to my husband, the Father of our two children, Happy Father’s Day



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