Fade To White: Summer’s Appeal Of White Denim

White Denim Days Of Summer….

White. The color of Summer. There is nothing quite like white denim when the weather warms and our spirits lighten. White is indeed, seasonless, yet it is specifically during the Summer months that we crave the lightness of denim in white.

Alas, although I have already expounded on blue denim and its legendary rise to fashion icon status (February’s post For The Love Of Denim)…white denim certainly also deserves attention, and perhaps, the same status. Once again in fashion, it is all about accessories. White denim provides a blank canvas in which to accessorize with “Pops” of Summertime color. Adding texture and color with shirts, shoes, jewelry, handbags and other options of unique style, create a personal statement with a canvas of Summertime white. And for that pop of neon? The perfect backdrop! A statement and classic on its own is white paired with white. Details with accessories also pull this look together in a stylish fashion. Another highlight? A bit of Summer color of our sun-kissed skin takes on a whole new, fresh glow when paired with white. Summertime style, indeed.

A classic, crisp look, white denim is indeed a statement unto itself. For men and women, white denim in the Summer is always right. Consider white denim. Truly a classic icon of style. A blank canvas for us to create and present our own personal style. A fashionable interpretation of Summer turned into reality, indeed.


“Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality.” – Karl Lagerfeld


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