July’s Red Crush

Red. The hottest color and a perfect focal point during the sweltering days of Summer. As the old adage of weather lore states…”Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in morning, sailor’s warning”….

A powerful color in its own right, the color red is said to have its own language. Indeed, the color conjures up a range of emotions including passion, perhaps the most favorable impression of this stimulating color. The power of red can perhaps be witnessed in the choice of the infamous and iconic “Red Carpet” of Hollywood’s lure. Red is a color that gets attention and speaks strength and action that is also referenced as a symbol of courage and sacrifice. In Roman mythology, the color red is associated with the god of war, Mars. In addition, a Roman general receiving honor had his entire body painted red in recognition of his achievement. Who knew? The British Army chose red as the traditional color of British uniform, thus the infamous referral of the “Redcoats”. Perhaps this is why many national flags incorporate red into the schematic display of power. The American flag itself is decorated with this influential, symbolic and valiant color.

The color red, when used in interiors, is a strong statement. Perhaps no one is credited more with the color red than Diana Vreeland herself, editor in chief of Vouge Magazine from 1963-1971. It was 1955 when interior designer Billy Baldwin coated her new apartment exclusively in red. What powerful impact! Monochromatic power, indeed! In her own words, she clearly understood the power of red… “Red is the great clarifier- bright, cleansing, revealing. It makes all colors beautiful. I can’t imagine being bored with it- it would be like becoming tired of the person you love. I wanted this apartment to be like a garden- but it had to be a garden in hell”. Quite a statement. A brazen, fearless spirit paired with a daring interior statement in red lacquer bliss. However one interprets this iconic interior of red, the influence of this room would forever impact the world of interior design.

Consider the power of red. A coat of brilliant red paint on a front door? A classic that endures as a powerful and enduring exterior statement. Alas, red lips? Beyond a classic, a powerful validation of fearlessness. Confident and self-assured. A statement. Incorporating red within our interiors and within our wardrobes is like adding brilliant and showy, spirited bursts of life. Like fireworks, perhaps. Siren red. A strong color, and a strong, confident statement, indeed.

Cheers to the bold and beautiful color red!



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