Natural Inspirations From The Sea: Shell Chandeliers

The cascading and natural elegance of shell chandeliers…simply stunning. As the endless days of Summer fade, for those that relish the treasures of the sea and the thoughts that are evoked from them, a shell chandelier will carry you through the months until Summer returns, once again. With a contemporary edge and a homage to the sea, these cascading wonders will surely bring bliss in any season. Without the formality of a traditional chandelier, the lightweight feature is certainly an asset to many interiors. Airy and light, these elements of interest create an ambiance all their own. Focal points and conversation starters, for certain.

Natural, Unique Style: The Shell Chandelier

There are many different styles and forms of shell chandeliers. As glorious treasures from the sea, masses of shells, such as Oyster Shells, Capiz Shells and Cowrie shells, are often used to grace these fixtures that emit soft lighting and interior adornment.

The striking, unique and unusual oyster shell chandelier presents an unexpected, natural appeal to an interior. Stunning, indeed. The natural shell of the oyster, intricately layered, is an impact of high style from the oceans and seas. Quite a statement piece. Imposing in size and thrilling in design for those that are inspired by the Sea itself. Could it be that one of those shells held an oyster as stunning as the chandelier itself? One can only wistfully dream as one rests their eyes under a cascading chandelier, dripping with oyster shells

Beaded chandeliers studded with & shells evoke a contemporary appeal that radiate interior delight. The highly polished and finished beads paired with the shells create a distinctive appeal and a unique statement of style.

Shells Of Style: Sea Inspired Lighting

Chandeliers made with Capiz shell (also referred to as the Mother-Of Pearl Shell) can be found in a variety of dyed colors and include many widths and shapes (triangular, square, rectangular and round). Capiz is a province the Western Philippines that is abundant with many resources from the sea, including an abundance of Capiz Shell that took its name from the Province. Unique in texture and appearance, their natural color is translucent white with an opalescent pearl surface. At its natural state, the light filters through the seeming transparent shell, setting a distincitive ambiance and mood in an interior, indeed. The contemporary design with the Capiz shell is a stunning way to add unique lighting into a room.

Consider the vast world of shell chandeliers as a prominent feature that will enhance the aura of an interior. Timeless and seasonless, the grounded style in natural form not only connects with nature, but presents a unique, “one-of-a-kind” style and design that adds and element of personality to a space. To relish a favored season with natural inspiration in our interiors throughout the year? Paramount to bringing us daily joys of life itself. Perhaps it can be viewed as a collection of shells gathered in one setting to be admired throughout the year? Why not add a cascading wonder of shells to grace your ceiling, spilling light through shells that whisper thoughts of the seas and oceans? Perhaps in our spaces, as in our hearts, Summer never truly fades…


“One cannot collect all the beautiful shells on the beach; one can collect only a few, and they are more beautiful if they are few”
-Anne Morrow Lindbergh


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