Casual And Relaxed Style: The Untucked Shirt

Casual Style, Untucked

The untucked shirt. Casual style with a subtle flair of nonchalant elegance. Relaxed and free, the untucked shirt represents a fashion statement within itself. In a world that is gauged by perfection, there is something so delightful in seeing fashion take on an element of carefree style. To tuck or not to tuck? Half tuck or full untuck? Tied at the front? A consideration of personal style, indeed.

Fashion gurus state that the most versatile button down shirt can be worn both tucked in and untucked. However, the length, cut, and style of the shirttails determines if it can truly be worn untucked. How to arrive at a successful style that does not look as if you attempted to fake this aura of casualness is perhaps to simply breathe and allow the spirit of this fashionable statement to filter inward. Perhaps then will it encompass a look that is complete, together and refined. I do believe elegance can be found within this casual statement. It is all how it is put forth and presented. It is perhaps not a style, but a relaxed attitude. Fashion itself cannot deem this a style successfully without a coordinating attitude. Perhaps for men, the untucked shirt fits in the category of the “Art of Manliness”. The height of manly style, indeed. Modern swag, if you will. For women, it is a matter of personal style and mindset. It is how you put yourself together that defines your style. Aside from this, it is very wise to take into account one’s body proportions. Alas, in a fashion world of tall and thin models, this look may not balance the proportions of all who crave to emulate this look. If all else, your fashion sense and sensibility will surely guide you if this relaxed approach to the untucked shirt is a personal stylized success.

Of note, I simply had to incorporate a few images of a few of my favorite and iconic ‘Supermodels’ (Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista and Kate Moss). Validation that styles and trends that carry through the years are ageless and the attitudes of the style itself are timeless, indeed.

Consider the casual style of the untucked shirt. But do not ‘try’ to possess the attitude that it emulates; be the attitude. If you perceive a carefree attitude, the freedom and relaxed spirit will surely coordinate with your fashion style. Untucked or half Tuck, the choice is yours. Of course, when in doubt, tuck away….


“Perception is reality”- Author unkonwn


4 thoughts on “Casual And Relaxed Style: The Untucked Shirt

  1. I love my button downs and are always sure to tuck just the front in…I think this look will keep with the ages..:)

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