Travel Memorabilia: Recollections Throughout Time

Iconic Representations Of A Traveled Life

Worldly wonders and memoirs of traveled places….
Although there are those that travel throughout the year, perhaps there is no other highly traveled time than Summer. As Summertime travels approach an end, it is the perfect time to consider how to display the collected memoirs of one’s journeys.

Iconic emblems and statues of worldy monuments of travel, displayed or grouped in our spaces is sure to recall fond memories of traveled moments in our lives. There is nothing quite like a homage, grouped together, of the true “tourist” shop merchandise. What is often thought to be “tacky” can truly become incorporated elegantly as tabletop groupings or mingled into our personal decor. Why not?

Daily Reminders Of Travels & Journeys
Visual Reminders Of Worldly Wonders…

For those that have travel plans ahead, consider what form of memorabilia would bring recollections of grand events and places to filter into your interiors. Whether an iconic object, a representation of a monument or structure, maps, globes, framed photographs or even the more recent craze of wall decals of iconic status, there is a place within our interiors to house these treasured memoirs. Personal touches in our own personal spaces and domains. Consider travel as a momentous moment in life that should always be recalled.

It is certainly a vast world beyond us. Within our own walls of our own personal world will linger a daily reminder of the world we have seen, and perhaps, places we would yet like to see. It’s a traveled world we live in. Journeys passed, and journeys upcoming. The world awaits.


“I soon realized that no journey carries one far unless, as it extends to the world around us, it goes an equal distance into the world around us” – L. Smith


2 thoughts on “Travel Memorabilia: Recollections Throughout Time

  1. You are so right. Sometimes things are so tacky they become stylish. I think I would actually have to purchase that hot pink Eiffel Tower. Though the maps are chic. Especially the vintage, worn-looking ones. It is always nice to let your space tell your personal story.

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