The Enduring Fascination Of Architectural Salvage

Fragments Of History: Architectural Salvage

Oh, the thrill of the hunt! The sourcing of interesting vintage and timeworn elements to add interest to our spaces is certainly thrilling. Perhaps there is no other time than Summer and Fall in which some of us peruse the many paths lined with tables at flea markets selling vintage wares, our eyes scanning what is ahead so as not to miss that glorious treasure. Or, perhaps, we are fortunate to have near us an architectural salvage warehouse that lures us inward throughout the year. Possibilities with vintage treasures and elements of the past. The glory and fascination of architectural salvage. Architectural Salvage is the reclamation or reuse of architectural materials. Dignifying the past that carries with it a history of the past. Timeworn and perhaps with the one-of-a-kind nature of salvage, the artifacts of eclectic variety that can be found within the vast spaces of architectural salvage warehouses, within the open air antique flea markets or quaint antique stores, can uniquely fill our interiors and exteriors with character and a sense of timelessness. Historied and unique, indeed.

Salvage found in architectural salvage warehouses are typically elements removed from buildings slated for demolition that often cannot be prevented. Alas, the sad disappearance of vintage structures have found their remnants in this go-green movement of reuse and reclaim! The promotion of reuse of materials and the promotion of restoration is the goal with preserving the history and integrity of the buildings and the jewels that are found within. Inspiration abounds in these warehouses that hold these treasures!

The removal of significant elements and details of architecture from houses, churches and commercial properties is certainly an exciting concept to reduce the impact of the loss of these structures. A vast array of materials range from aged barn wood flooring, doors, fireplace mantles, claw foot tubs, ornate radiators, handcrafted decorative hardware, windows, lighting, wrought iron pieces, pillars, porch posts and columns, railings, shutters, fretwork, pediments, trim, tin ceilings, and a multitude of unusual building ornamentation, including entrances and staircases. The array of vintage interior and exterior light fixtures, including chandeliers, is stunning. Lots filled with garden implements, such as urns, statuary and fountains sit among the piles of old brick, cobblestone, marble, terra cotta and iron. All of these elements providing tremendous possibilities and options for contractors, designers, artists and the intrigued homeowner. Again, possibilities are endless!

The world of salvage is a treasure trove of choices of feasible and imaginable details to incorporate into our own private or commercial spaces. History with a purpose. For those whose spaces lack architectural interest and details, the addition of these timeworn and aged details will surely add to creating a unique atmosphere that not only adds interest, but also reflects your own individual style. The addition of these details in properties that already have the vintage character and charm can only embellish and add further intrigue. Architectural elements, when used appropriately, will add classic and enduring appeal, indeed.

Treasure Trove: Architectural Salvage Yards
Storied Past: Elements of History
Architectural Inspirations: Salvage In The Interiors
Style Of Substance: Architectural Details

Consider the world of architectural salvage. Source these architectural warehouses for a journey into the past that will inspire you to create a new future with their worn charm and patina. Perhaps simply appreciating the craftsmanship and artistry of these artistic elements is sufficient. The craftsmanship alone of the elements that line the walls and ceilings of these warehouses is an inspiration for us all. The visual heft and subtance of these pieces and their history will carry them through our own personal history with them. Their appeal and timelessness will never fade away. Indeed, whether a modern and contemporary space or a traditional setting, there is an architectural element for every space. Chosen carefully, these details will not only add character, but will perhaps become a showpiece in your spaces. Rethink, reuse and restyle with the past. Elements of history and fragments of the past. Timeless. Life can certainly be embellished with the details…


“Architecture is an art when one consciously or unconsciously creates aesthetic emotion in the atmosphere and when this environment produces well being” – Luis Barragan


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