Purpose & Function: The Stylish “Desk”

Interior Style With Purpose: The Functional “Desk”

Perhaps it can be said that the arrangement of our personal work spaces within our homes is a combination of purpose mixed with personal passions and interests. A personal stance of preference in which we determine what creates our own personal focus and creativity. Indeed, a personal stamp of design-sense, if you will. It is our own world which we create a daily mood board, on the walls or on the desktop, that describes and showcases our current state of mind. Why not make our ‘desk’ a central hub that gives us clarity and a sense of accomplishment? Focussing on our aspirations amidst a beautiful space can only help bring us closer to the fruition of our goals, dreams and tasks at hands, no matter how overwhelming or mundane they may be. Whether a part time office, full-time work space or a central point within our walls in which to pen an elegant note (alas, the Art Of the Handwritten Note, which I have previously expounded upon in a previous post (see etiquette)…), or serves a dual-purpose function by day and by night, whether a small and narrow console turned into a desk or a large expanse of wood that encompasses a sizeable amount of square footage, it should be a place at which we desire to dwell….

Personal Arrangements Of Style & Daily Needs
Evolving & Changing Command Centers: The Workaday Decorative “Desk”
Utility Paired With Style: The Personal Desk
Personalized Desk Style

There is no “Perfect” desk. In fact, I believe the best desk arrangements are ones in which are created in time. They simply evolve, as do we. It is, indeed, an evolution of personal style discovered through our evolving and changing day-to-day lives…

Rethink your space. Personal to you, reassess if you find yourself inspired, stimulated and prompted to create, to plan or to dream. Life is to be lived with each and every moment. Every moment counts. Live them beautifully, surrounded by those things which aid in bringing you to a point of sheer inspiration… After all, a desk is not simply just a desk. It is certainly function and purpose, but it is also an expression of ourselves. Live boldly. Live creatively. In personal style.



8 thoughts on “Purpose & Function: The Stylish “Desk”

  1. Great photos! My favorite was the top center with the glass table! My desk space stays very minimalistic because it helps me focus better at the task at hand while my minds runs wildly.

    1. Thank you for that compliment! How exciting to have a new space to create! Although possibilities are endless, remember that the best spaces truly evolve.
      With that said, time is on your side. And….enjoy the journey!

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