Closet Inspirations: Seasonal Assessments Of Personal Style

Stylish Displays Of Coveted Fashionable Polish

At the change of seasons, we find ourselves pondering the needs of our changing wardrobes. It becomes key to reassess our closets, armoires and other means of stylishly housing our collected and treasured classic pieces, esteemed shoes and coveted accessories.

To find inspiration within our own wardrobes of acquired taste is paramount. An evolution of personal style, indeed. What lines our shelves and hangs in waiting should not be a mass of fashionable moments of temporary style of fashionable seasons gone by, but garments that represent who we are today. Evolving style. Fine tuning our personal style and flair, I like to say. It is not a whirlwind of acquiring trends, but rather, obtaining classic pieces. Foundations. The basics, if you will. “Classics” that will travel with us through time, earning a deserving place amidst our inner walls. Trends have their place. Current style and fashionable edge, for certain. However, building a solid foundation of quality garments, handbags, shoes and accessories of timeless design is an investment that provides a return of enduring style. Certainly worth the valuable square footage they take up. It is said that we wear 10% of our wardrobe 90% of the time. Thought provoking, isn’t it? Perhaps we truly do gravitate to certain pieces that seem to equate our style perfectly….

Years ago I read a quote, that impacted my perspective, from Stanley Marcus (Of Neiman Marcus) in his book “Quest For The Best”. To paraphrase his wisdom, he stated so eloquently to “Buy the very best that you can afford”. Again, thought provoking and straightforward. I am an avid believer in this philosophy. Purchase quality but within the means of what you can afford. Add to that timeless, classic designs of fashionable style. Embellishments in trends but investments in long lasting items of quality, style and taste. Enduring style. Yes, fashion changes, but with classic tailored pieces, classic patterns, textures, fabrics and styles of quality, they remain. An ode to Coco Chanel and her infamous quote: “Fashion Fades, only style remains”….

Inspirations Of Acquired Personal Style
Foundations Of Personal Style & Flair
Collected Elements Of Personal Style & Flair
Embellishments & Ornamentation Of Individual Representation
Fashionable Displays Of Individual, Evolving Style

Inspirations abound as we source our collected wardrobes that express our personal sense of fashion and style. Alas, I must not forget the stylish and elegant men…

Masculine Elegance With A Personal Flair

In regards to the fashionable and stylish objects that fill our wardrobes, beyond classic and quality construction, you simply must be passionate about the items that fill your spaces. There is no room for pieces that do not speak to us. Currently. No matter how much we spent on them or where we purchased them (alas, memories!) let them go. Purge, I say! It is better to surround yourself with what currently represents you.

Whether simplistic with your wardrobe, following a “less is more” philosophy or possessing a stylish mass of perennial style, there is certain to be inspiration within. If further inspiration is needed, there is always another fabulous glossy fashion magazine around the corner… Yes, the “September Issue” still graces the magazine racks… Volumes of style, indeed. Find appreciation with what you have and seek out those elements and pieces that will add to your existing foundation of personal style. Key pieces. As with our interiors, style evolves.


“Personal style is knowing yourself, your lifestyle, your body and finding clothes that become the frame. You become the star. It’s knowing when to say yes and when to say no”
-Michael Kors


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