Scales Of Style: The Exotic “Snakeskin” Pattern

Exotic Fashion: Classic Adornment Of Snakeskin
Exotic Fashion: Classic Adornment Of Snakeskin

Who knew that the scales of a serpent would fashion itself into a large scale iconic look for fashion and interior designers? Although considered a trend, it is rather a timeless classic, in doses of exotic style. Again, less is more for this pattern of scales. Bold statements of personal style. Indicators of boldness, perhaps. Found in many prints, patterns textures and colors, the appeal of the pattern is enduring. A touch of flair with a modern and edgy look, indeed.

History documents that snakeskin has been used as currency and appreciated as lavish adornment since the early ages of time. In fact, ancient imagery of the arousal of the snake has been found in art forms throughout time. The fascination with this reptile and its mesmerizing scale patterns that layer the snake, has been longstanding. Fascination or fright, the patterns are alluring. Of note, the scales themselves that adorn the snake reduce friction as it moves and helps it retain moisture. Who knew? Scales of oval or pearl shaped or geometric designs with iridescent shine and stunning colors found on the regal snake have acquired a sense of mysticism over time, indeed. Since the turn of the 20th century, snakeskin has been incorporated and layered onto fashionable items such as belts, handbags, shoes, garments, accessories and interior objects.

Python, Cobra & Karung Snakeskin Patterns

The term “Snakeskin” does not identify any particular species, however, the most popular and common pattern seems to be of the Python, Cobra and Karung. Python skin is perhaps the boldest pattern of elaborate, geometric patterns and contrasting colors. The beautiful pattern of the hooded Cobra snake is a mesmerizing pattern of tightly shaped geometrics, for certain. Karung has a distinctive dot-like scales similar to a lizard. Uniform and delicate, its silk-like texture is said to have found favor among the couture fashion houses. Interestingly, the European Union, led by Italy, is considered the world’s biggest importer of reptile skins. It is no wonder so many exquisite items of snakeskin are crafted from Europe…

Fashion’s Embellishments: Timeless Elements Of “Snakeskin”
Enduring Fashion: “Snakeskin” Style
Enduring Fashion: “Snakeskin” Style
Classic & Exotic Appeal:  "Snakeskin" In The Interiors
Classic & Exotic Appeal: “Snakeskin” In The Interiors
Scales Of Style In The Interiors
Scales Of Style In The Interiors

Whether faux or real, snakeskin is a stylish addition into the world of fashion and interiors, providing edgy & exotic accents of style. The spectrum of rich patterns, range of metallics and embossed effects of faux snakeskin provides a plethora of opportunity to incorporate this pattern into our spaces and wardrobes. Key elements of an untamed pattern. As written in the volumes of “Elle Decor”, the snakeskin patterns are “evocative of jet-set glamour”. Exotic, for certain. Glamourous in the way in which one uses them. A touch of the untamed, wild style available to all of us. Style, indeed.



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