October’s Brown Crush

Brown. An understated neutral, indeed. A rich, wholesome and down-to-earth hue that seems to connect us to the earth. In the Autumnal month of October, as with throughout the year, brown is certainly a timeless neutral

Sensual and warm, this deep hue of chestnut and chocolate brown is subdued, yet acquires our attention with its richness and depth in hue. Interestingly, brown is said to be a color that represents reliability and approachability. Who knew? For certain, the color of the earth that is associated with all things natural and organic, the color brown seems to provide a natural affinity within our interiors and attire. Perhaps the wholesome hue of brown evokes a desire within us to have the natural world around us. With the harvest season upon us, and the Autumn colors that fill the landscape, layering ourselves and our surroundings in deep hues of brown instinctively seems only natural. Perhaps the color brown, in all of its richness, encapsulates our desire for nature itself around us? Indeed, craving the adornment of this color as Autumn breezes blow and the crisp chill in the air awakens our senses is purely natural. Fall has certainly arrived. And what better hue to drape ourselves and our interiors than with the fundamentally earthy, abundant color hue? The color brown is certainly one that can team up with so many contrasting colors to create a stunning combination of style with splendid color. However, for the pure love of brown, it is sufficient to stand on its own as a dramatic focal point of interest. A foundation in one’s wardrobe and rich hue when brought into the interiors, the impact of this chocolate brown delight is striking. Alas, in shades and hues of mocha, Italian biscottis, amber and auburn hues or hues of sumptuous leather or bark on the trees, there is certainly a hue that we each can covet. The glorious shades of “Brown”.

And of the decadent sweets that we seem to crave as Autumn rolls in? I say, splurge on that chocolate treat of pure perfection, while pausing to appreciate the glory and magnificence that can be found within Autumn’s certain arrival…
Embrace Autumn and its sensational hues while basking in deep tones of this dramatic yet natural color



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