The Enduring Allure Of Red Lipstick

Bold Drama: The Perfect Red Lip

The confidence of the bold red lip. There is certainly a sensual glamour to the ruby red pout. Indeed, a bold hue and statement of iconic style, the red lip is not only a classic and timeless hue but is thoroughly modern. The impact of this elegant and sophisticated color needs very little discussion. For the woman who can fearlessly don a tube of brilliant red lipstick and apply with perfection in application the sumptuous and rich hue, I applaud. A perennial favorite, it is perhaps as the weather cools that the allure of red lipstick seems to beckon us with even greater seduction…

Lipstick Beauty: Linda Evangelista, Photographed By Steven Meisel, 1991
The Extraordinary Ruby Pout: The Red Lip

Consider the red lip. A luxurious, opulent shade of red in a tube. Unmistakeable attitude with intense color. Perhaps it can be said that the lips are considered one of a woman’s greatest assets. With that said, the embellishment with vivid red lipstick certainly amplifies a beautiful pout. Is red lipstick a state of mind? It is certainly a powerful shade of choice. Perhaps it can also be said that the search for another new shade of this spectacular hue in lipstick is always on our horizon. The range of choices within this hue are endless! Alas, the allure of the red lip has certainly followed us through history that needs no verifying. It is a classic on a woman at any age. An enduring classic with allure

Admittedly, this hue of resplendent, ruby red is my constant…
I adore red lipstick…



2 thoughts on “The Enduring Allure Of Red Lipstick

  1. I do too! Classy, classy esp with a fresh face and dark liner. My husband doesn’t understand that I need more than one red, I tell him there are different hues of red….lol. 🙂

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