The Natural Appeal Of Wheat: A Bounty Of Style Within The Interior

Nature’s Bounty: Golden Sheaves Of Wheat

Wheat. The glorious fields of wheat
Cultivated worldwide, wheat seems to also represent Autumn’s bounty and the remarkable beauty of nature. The world production of this flaxen cereal grain is said to be the third most produced cereal, after maize and rice, and is the leading source of vegetable protein globally. The grain is grown on more land area than any other commercial crop and is stated to be the most important staple to mankind. The origins of nature’s Golden wheat stalks are found in the Near East and Ethiopian highlands. At the start of civilization wheat was a key factor that enabled the emergence of the city-based societies of the Babylonian and Assyrian empires. This was due to the fact that it could be cultivated on a large scale with the additional advantage of yielding a harvest that could be stored longterm. A bountiful harvest, indeed.

Among its uses to make flour and cereals, wheat can also be planted as forage for livestock as well as for construction material for roofing thatch. Certainly, its use throughout history for food has not waned in time. The use of wheat as decoration, both in dried form or gilded decor for the interior has brought wheat to an emblematic state. The golden sheaves of bundled grain certainly are a seasonal inspiration that marks the bounty of the Autumn season, but these emblems found within the interiors can be also be appreciated throughout the year. Perhaps the glory of these sheaves of gold, by the skilled brush strokes of paint by Vincent van Gogh, best capture its allure throughout time…

Van Gogh’s “Sheaves Of Wheat”

Glorious Sheaves Of Wheat In Rustic Display
The Interior Decoration Of “Wheat”: Gilded Lighting
Substantial Elements Of Wheat Design: Interior Style

The gilded metals shaped into sheaves of wheat are timeless and classic additions to the interior, providing enjoyment throughout the year. Elegant, perennial representations found in lighting (lamps, scones and glorious chandeliers) add a natural appeal to interior spaces. Gilded or wooden tables shaped as bundles of grain add interest and appeal. Focal points of a golden harvest, indeed….

Interior Inspirations Of “Wheat” In Decor

Entertaining Style: Wheat Centerpieces And Decoration
Themed Events Of “Wheat”

The addition of wheat as a decorating theme or accent to the interior is a glorious acknowledgement of nature and its beauty. The harvest of sun-dried wheat stalks uniquely add to our interior spaces a seasonal edge of glory. A naturally rustic element, even in modern spaces and lavish events, wheat is a beautiful addition. The blonde wheat bouquets are not only interesting in texture, but are casual yet can also be elegant and formal features. Simplicity of nature in a delightful centerpiece of decoration is focal point of simplicity, indeed. It is no wonder that wheat has been referenced as a symbol of sunshine, happiness and abundance…

Consider the fields of gold of Autumn’s bounty. Golden fields of dried wheat, gracefully swaying in the wind. If only in a dried cluster, why not bring these elements within our spaces or themed events. An element of nature to be appreciated, indeed.



6 thoughts on “The Natural Appeal Of Wheat: A Bounty Of Style Within The Interior

    1. Thank you! I appreciate the link of thoughts to Sting’s classic song on “Ten Summoner’s Tales, Fields Of Gold”. One of my favorite’s. It was actually the inspiration for this post as it always reminds me of a golden Autumn…
      Thrilled you enjoyed the post. Thanks for sharing!

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