A Classic Layer Of Indigo Blue: The Denim Jean Jacket

A Timeless Icon Of Enduring Style: The Denim Jacket

The denim jacket has never gone out of fashion. Perhaps it can be said that the incorporation of this rugged and practical emblem of style has gained more attention in fashionable circles with its resurgence in being layered over designer dresses or more refined garments of style. Alas, who knew? An iconic look that certainly verifies the sun washed appeal of indigo cotton’s place in the world of fashion. For certain, this timeless jacket of lightweight layering in indigo blue has carried through fashion’s pages for decades. Although the denim washes and cuts of the jacket have varied over time, the denim jacket has remained a consistent element of ageless style within our wardrobes and will certainly always remain as such. And why not? Whether layered with casual style or used as a striking contrast of high end style, the blue hued denim workhorse is a statement of its own. Sophistication can indeed be found in this layer of blue. There are those that state that the denim jacket is a nineties revival. For certain, the nineties adored the denim jacket. But, alas, it is more than a trend from the past that has returned. It is a classic that never faded…

Denim Style: The Classic Jean Jacket
Fashion’s Iconic Style In Denim

Perhaps a consideration in proportion, the denim jacket of today is certainly much more fitted and tailored, yet many variations of size, style and cut are available. The denim jacket, and let’s not forget the denim vest, are layers that go well beyond a favorite pair of blue jeans. Although the denim vest is not as prevalent as the denim jacket, it exists in personal style in many a fashionable woman’s wardrobe. (Alas, my well worn denim vest also shall never part from my personal collection of fashionable elements…). As with the denim jacket, it is a statement that speaks for itself when paired with embellishments of striking accessories or simple unadornment. Certainly an edgy look of style and strength.

A Simple Layer Of Style: The Denim Vest

This classic blue denim jacket of 100% indigo cotton is a durable and versatile element of style. The perfect accessory for layering, indeed. Not a layer of too much warmth, however, but when layered with other outerwear or additional layers of garments, the combination is perfect. Possibilities are endless.

Truly a classic, the denim jacket will find its way out of your closet as an enduring basic layer of fashionable style. An icon of style. I certainly believe it is not an article of clothing that one needs to be told is ‘back in fashion’. The denim jacket has never left fashion. It will certainly be a part of the archives of fashion’s past, present and future. Wear this snug layer of style with style. And attitude. After all, it’s denim. True blue style, indeed.



4 thoughts on “A Classic Layer Of Indigo Blue: The Denim Jean Jacket

    1. Thanks, Dana! It truly is a classic that will never fade. I love the attitude a denim jacket presents when styled with a fashionable attitude. From the archives of fashion, my favorite image is included in the first compilation- a memorable image of iconic supermodel, Linda Evangelista. Verifying the enduring style of denim further.. Timeless!
      Thanks for sharing! Now, to layer that denim jacket…in style!

      1. omg Kristin, you’re so right! about Linda evaghelista. she did look so familiar, but i just couldn’t figure out where i’ve seen her before (lol). My God, i love her, and that pose and style is the best of them all. You’re right! so memorable:) xoxo

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