The Striking Combination Of Black & Orange

Interior Bliss With Orange & Black

Black and Orange. An imposing contrast of rich hues. The deep hue of orange against the depth of starck black certainly creates a powerful impact within the interiors. Perhaps the combination can be viewed as flamboyant. Yet if so, it is a flamboyant elegance that is presented when these two colors are paired, saturating interiors. A Feng Shui approach follows that black and orange are on the opposite energy spectrums. Orange is certainly a lively, vibrant color. Emblematic of the Autumn colors, orange has been termed a “Social” color, promoting energy and warmth. Indeed, energy is found within the color orange. Black, however, is the color of mystery. Midnight black. Impactful and sophisticated, black is said to hold the energy of power and protection. Who knew? Quite the combination of force, indeed. Stylish stimulants that demand attention within the interiors. “Pops” of rich color, indeed.

Orange & Black Inspirations
A Color Combination Of Depth & Style: Black & Orange
The Stylish “Orange Box” In Interiors: A Representation Of Taste & Style
The Chic Style & Allure Of Hermes Coveted Orange Box…

One cannot think of the color combination of orange & black without wandering to visions of the iconic Hermes “Box”. Hermes is an esteemed French manufacturer of luxurious and quality goods specializing in leather, lifestyle accessories, perfume and ready-to-wear. The <strong>Hermes box itself truly represents luxury in craftsmanship. Since the 1950’s the Hermes logo has been a Duc carriage with a horse. The iconic Hermes box arrived into fashion during the 1920’s. Initially, the boxes that contained these luxury goods were cream colored with brown edging. Who knew? It is said that the WWII initiated the next color change. It was due to the shortage of materials during the Occupation,that forced Hermes to use the only plain paperboard available. Orange! Again, who knew?? After the war, the orange color was continued but the orange was more vivid (today’s color) with a raised relief pattern. It was in 1949 that the brown ribbon (The Bolduc) was introduced. (Alas, it is not black, but it is deep enough to equate a fantastic contrast of deep hue against the orange…). It is said that there are 188 sizes of Hermes orange boxes available today. Enough variety in sizes to adorn our interiors stylishly, I must say! Attractive storage, for certain!

French Style In Iconic Orange: The Hermes Orange Box

Consider the color combination of black and orange. Whether you commit to wall colors or furnishings or the embellishment with an iconic “orange box”,the combination is extraordinary. Unexpected boldness and drama. Throughout the year impact is won.



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