City Inspirations: Chicago In October

City Inspirations: Chicago, October 2012

Inspirations abound wherever we go….

Yesterday I journeyed by train to Chicago and found inspirations along my walking adventure through the streets of Chicago to the “Magnificent Mile”. Me, my Nikon and a few stops to several Starbucks (one must stop often to ‘warm up’ when covering many city blocks in the course of a day. In fact I braved a sudden chill of Autumn that descended upon this “Windy City”). Alas, Chicago is a part of the thread of my own personal history. Born to Chicago natives, the history within these city streets seem to make this city even more vital to me. Having also lived on the venerable “Lake Shore Drive” (a short ‘express bus’ away from the “Magnificent Mile”) and having worked within the luxurious shopping headquarters on North Michigan Avenue, I return often for exhilaration and energy. The energy of any city will certainly provide that.

The “Magnificent Mile” is perhaps known as the ‘great Chicago shopping experience’. Lined with diverse shopping that includes lavish luxury stores and boutiques, iconic coveted department stores, ‘flagship’ stores, chic designer studios and towering shopping centers all stretched out along a beautiful and clean, “Magnificent Mile”. Alas, the rush of commerce that surrounds one while on the “Avenue” is incredible. High-end shopping, indeed. However, it is exhilarating to simply stroll and ‘window shop’. I have always adored window shopping. The artistry of the window (which I have shared my ponderings in a past post “The Art of Window Display”) and the striking fashion that is showcased always excites me. Images I often gather from behind the lens of my camera.

I am compelled to point out the image of one of my favorite Chicago architectural wonders (center photo) framed in decorative iron. It is the work of famed architect, Louis Sullivan. Regarded as a pioneer in American commercial architecture, Sullivan initially developed it for a dry goods merchant in 1889 because of the ‘Great Fire’ of 1871. This National Historic Landmark status building is said to showcase Sullivan’s philosophy of “Form following function”. The elaborate and delicate ironwork ornamentation on the first and second floor facades is absolutely stunning. The building (located at 1 State Street on the southeast corner of State and Madison Streets in the “Loop”, south of Michigan Avenue) always seems to beckon me for closer inspection of appreciation of its spectacular, grand beauty. Alas, I recall the bygone days of walking through this historic building when it was still a department store, eternally referred to as “Carson, Pirie, Scott” building. Currently? Alas, it is now a Target. Who knew? Time certainly changes a cityscape.

Each time I return to Chicago, new inspiration is found. New discoveries that inspire. To capture the images of inspiration is always my intent. The visual memory becomes a catalyst until I return again. And return again, often, I do. For images of inspiration…



6 thoughts on “City Inspirations: Chicago In October

  1. K – I have only been to Chicago once (other than in transit), and that was due to heavy snowfall closing the airport. It was cold, wet and windy – I would like to go back and try some of the wonderful restaurants…

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