November’s Gray Crush

The monochrome, neutral color of “gray” (or “grey”) is perfection in a blend of black and white. Grayscale

Living in the Midwest, it is not uncommon for gray skies to mark Winter’s arrival. The seemingly gray clouds that descend upon the Chicago area seem to seldom lift as the winds arrive and the weather changes to a wintry mix. But the beauty that is found in the color grey is a comfortable ‘melding’ of splendid style. Luxurious, like cashmere. The color gray also allows for striking “pops” of infused color for distinction, if desired. Perhaps it’s a red lipstick. Perhaps it is the beautiful addition of sumptuous flowers. Gray will certainly allow the color to stand out. Or perhaps, it is just simply an ensemble or an interior saturated and swathed in tones of the soothing, calming and muted gray hue . There is certainly a distinguished and classic elegance to be found within the hue of gray.

Of interest, the first recorded use of the word grey in the English language as a color name was in 700 AD. The traditional spelling of the word “Gray” is “Grey”, which is the British, Canadian, Australian, Irish, New Zealand and South African spelling. However, “Gray” is said to also have been common in the UK until the second half of the 20th century. “Grey” is the accepted variant in American English, but the common and perhaps preferred spelling is “Gray” since its introduction to American English around 1825. Having learned as a child to spell the color as “Gray”, it is indeed the spelling I chose.

Consider the color gray to imbue your wardrobe and your spaces with elegance. Indeed, a subdued hue of distinctive and recognizable style. Whether a beautiful background against a vivid color, or draped completely in gray, the sophistication of this color is timeless.



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