The Charming Appeal Of The Rustic “Farmhouse” Table

The “Farmhouse” Table: Simple Style In The Interiors

The appealing charm of a rustic “Farmhouse” table within the interior brings an element of European, old-world elegance. Perhaps a rustic, country charm, the appeal of the long slabs of raw, distressed or recycled wood surface of “Farmhouse” style brings a streamlined look with its interest and juxtaposition, particularly in more modern spaces. Drama without overpowering impact.

The origins of the “Farm Table” is unknown and there exist various theories on how these tables became incorporated into American farm homes at the beginning of the 19th century. It is thought that American farmers copied the designs that existed during this time, perhaps influenced by the designs of three English furniture makers at the end of the 18th century: Thomas Sheraton, George Hepplewhite and Thomas Chippendale. Wherever the influence originated, farmers typically handcrafted their own furniture, simplifying the designs and building these sturdy tables to endure the constant use they would withstand. Used for work and eating meals, these large tables would eventually become a central meeting point for the farmers, farmhands and the family. History in a table, indeed.

Found in a diverse range of styles, “Farmhouse” tables are typically made of woods such as pine, cherry or oak hardwood (including pale woods with whitewash to deeper, darker stains). The key to obtaining a striking “Farmhouse” table is the visibility of the wood grain or distress marks. The true character of the wood should not be hidden, but showcased. In addition, the mere substance and bulk of these typically large, oversized surfaces can achieve a striking look within an interior. Typically rectangular in shape with four substantial legs supporting the dense surface, modified versions often use trestles, pedestal bases or even the more industrial look with galvanized base support. Understated ornamentation of personal preference, for certain. (As a side note, the “Farmhouse” table is not limited to the kitchen or dining room. “Repurposed” is nothing new to this object of rustic wooden charm…)

The Appeal Of The “Farmhouse” Table
Rustic Charm: The “Farmhouse” Table
Old World Function: The “Farmhouse” Table
Country Allure: The “Farmhouse” Table
Entertaining & Events With “Farmhouse” Style
Entertaining Inspirations: The “Farmhouse” Table

Gatherings at such substantial tables provide a multitude of possibilities in creating a personalized approach to seating. However these tables are styled, they certainly are impressive in large scale entertaining. Function that embodies elegance and practicality of old-world style. Enjoying a leisurely meal, in the company of family and friends, or new acquaintances, around this impressive “Farmhouse” table will certainly be memorable. Like the table itself, and enduring aspect of the pleasures of life



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