Stylish Function In Classic Black: The Powerful Leather Boot

Boots. Perhaps there is no greater fashionable statement than the power of black boots. Stylishly creating a streamlined look, a black boot is a classic that completes a chic look with attitude. Although there is certainly a case for every style of boots (including suede), it is the black leather boot that my focus falls… specifically the long black leather boot. Alas, I adore the short black boot, as well, and could not resist including its stylish addition. Indeed, the long and short of it. Either long or short, the black leather boot continually wins in style.

Seasonal changes bring the black boot to the forefront of our stylish wardrobe choices. A bold accessory of style, perhaps it is as the weather turns cooler that we delight in the moment when we can don knee-high or tall boots. Fall has arrived, indeed. A statement in an of itself, there seems to be an inner confidence that presents itself with the addition of the tall boot…

The history of the leather boot finds its ancient origins in the Mesopotamia during the Bronze Age. The simple leather foot covering was created for function and protection against harsh temperatures and terrain. Indeed, leather boots have certainly evolved through time. During the 16th and 17th centuries thigh-high boots came to fashion, fastened with laces, for protection of the knees and lower legs of soldiers and horseback riders (alas, the beginning of the “Equestrian”, “Field” or “Dress” boot…). The boot styles that would evolve in time included a wide range, from ankle to mid-thigh, such as: “Thigh-highs”, “Gusset” (elasticized for faster wear and removal), “Half Boots” (elasticized or fastened with laces, hooks or buttons) and “Hessian” (also called “Souvaroffs”, known as a man’s knee-high boot with a “V” shape cut in front, popular in the 19th century) and of course, the “Wellington” (waterproof, form fitting boots with thick soles, named after the Duke of Wellington who defeated Napoleon). In time, the “Short Ankle” (“Paddock” or “Jodhpur” boot) became popular during the early 20th century. These functional and yet stylish additions were elasticized or zippered and were considered suitable for everyday use. Other distinctive styles, such as “Motorcycle” (worn for protection from motorcycle engine heat) and the “Cowboy” boot (heeled, mid-calf style) would arrive, again, with the purpose of function. Let’s not forget the term “Hunt” boots or “Top” boots with cuffs at the top. Alas, function eventually leads to fashion… Indeed, the fashioning of the boot is entrenched in the history of fashion. A statement of purpose and function, the boot itself has always presented itself powerfully and remains a statement of personal style…

Lengths Of Style: Long Black Leather Boots
Lengths Of Style: The Tall Black Boot
The Long & Short Of It: Black Boot Style
Varying Heights Of Fashionable Function In Black: Boots Of Style

Whether tall, knee high or ankle length, consider the sophistication the black boot can add to your ensembles. Certainly warmth and protection on the legs with a tall boot, it is a stylish addition of sleek appeal. You can never go wrong with black boots. In leather or (I must mention) even in the style-inducing material of suede, style abounds.

Perhaps the search for the perfect black boot (or the new and latest black boot) to add to our collections is ongoing. Indeed, there is a boot for every occasion and personal statement of stylish chic. Whether your cache holds many or just one perfect pair that finds endless uses of seasonal wear, the classic black boot will certainly endure. Timeless and powerful style, indeed.



6 thoughts on “Stylish Function In Classic Black: The Powerful Leather Boot

  1. Gleaming, glistening, gorgeous. Oh to have a copper collection like these (and a helper to keep them beautiful…might as well throw in a cook as well)! Thanks for the beautiful post.

    1. Thank you, Linda! I realize that your comment applies to my next post, “Culinary Flair: The Coveted Copper Pot”, but I will share your comment anyway! Thank you for sharing! Indeed, copper is certainly gorgeous, glistening and gorgeous!

    1. Thanks for sharing, Linda. I, too, adore the classic leather boot as well as the equestrian influences. The crotch high boots I have not attempted, but I appreciate the style & the art of fashion that they represent. Onward to adding timeless boots to our wardrobes!

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