Mismatched Chairs: A Dining Arrangement Of Personal Style

Unexpected Variations Of Personal Style: The Mismatched Chair

Mismatched dining chairs often incorporate collections of treasured chairs, acquired through our own personal histories. There are those of us with a slight obsession for chairs and some that have honed a skill for mixing (rather than matching) an array of seating for the dining room. It is certainly a look that is not yearned by all. However, for those that understand the nuances of blending personal style, success is found in creating an intriguing visual of personal discernment and flair.

Using several different chairs around the table adds not only an eclectic flair but an unexpected excitement and visual interest. Even introducing two chairs in a different style can add appeal to the dining table. Of course, following correct scale, balance and a sense of cohesiveness is always the goal. Function and style at its best. The end result is perhaps a more relaxed, inviting appeal than that of a formal dining setting. Alas, I adore the formal setting, too. However, an appreciation of the mismatched style earns attention. Elegance can result with the mismatched array of chairs. A nonchalant attitude, perhaps, can also be derived from this often seemingly “thrown together” look. Indeed, the chair itself, a utilitarian object of function and style, can become a focal point of enjoyment when discovered among the contrasting shapes, symmetry and styles of other chairs perched around a dining table….

Mismatched Dining Chairs: Understated Style
Striking Elegance With Mismatched Chairs

Perhaps a holiday gathering brings about the need to add additional seating to your extended table. If so, inspiration may abound as you rethink the chairs that grace your interior. Consider the mismatched, eclectic and individualistic look of mismatched chairs around the dining table. For certain, the unique look that results will be memorable. Great style paired with personal instinct and style, indeed. And of the guests that arrive to partake of an enjoyable meal? To their delight, a unique seat to rest upon. In style.



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