Autumnal Tablescapes: The “Well-Dressed” Thanksgiving Table

Autumnal Inspirations of Tabletop Style

The exuberance and joy of the Thanksgiving holiday table…
With Thanksgiving fast approaching, planning ahead to strike a tone with a tablescape of festive appeal is in order. “Tablescapes” are decorations arranged on dining and buffet tables, setting the mood for entertaining. It is the Thanksgiving table that our focus is now on. Indeed, there are no rules to set the mood. Personal flair again sets the tone. Emphasizing the impact of the holiday through the use of Autumnal, earthen colors and incorporating stylish elements of tablescape decor is a beautiful way to express thankfulness to those that will gather around the Thanksgiving table. Even non-traditional colors are sure to add interest to the table, adding a “modern take” to the setting. Unexpected style, indeed. Dressing the table in layers of texture and color can certainly create an impact of simple elegance in abundant style

Consider the tablescape as “injecting drama” by layering in varying heights and sizes and adding interest with visual height. Of course, this can successfully be accomplished without obstructing the view of the guests perched at the table. Scale is always key. And, less is often more when decorating with a stylish elegance. Flowers and candles also add tremendous elegance to the holiday table. Varying heights of tapers or votives add a flickering and appreciated sparkling glow to the table. Rethink to create a unique and memorable tablescape that is extraordinary and memorable. Grand or simple, thankfulness will surely surge within all that gather.

Layers Of Earthen Colors: The Thanksgiving Table
Seasonal Elements Of Stylish Ornamentation For The Table
Thanksgiving Colors: The Stylish Table

Whether a rich and lush combination of harvest hues that incorporate the season into the tablescape, a grand celebration in polished style, cascading or horizontal bouquets, a table set with natural elements or a low-key or modern arrangement with a clean appeal, there is bound to be a personal inspiration for creating an impactful and “thankful” table. A table that features an array of table linens, serving dishes, tableware and decorations adds to the festive gathering in which thankfulness and gratitude is celebrated. And of the individual touches at each place setting? Touches of importance, acknowledging each and every guest with special appreciation, indeed.

When the table is finally set and all are gathered to partake of the bounty, the grace of appreciation and sincere gratitude is bound to flow. Memorable entertaining, indeed. Plan to delight the eye and engage in festive spirit with a “Well-dressed”, “Thankful” table…



2 thoughts on “Autumnal Tablescapes: The “Well-Dressed” Thanksgiving Table

    1. Hello Eddie!
      Thanksgiving was delightful and I hope yours was, as well!
      And…of course, being there is no one as skilled as you with tablescapes, an inclusion of your grand and stunning Thanksgiving tablescape was bound to be included in this post. XOX right back at you! Again, thanks for being such an incredible source of inspiration…
      Cheers to the Holidays!

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